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    Mister Twister

    The man known as Mr. Twister was actually Bromwell Stikk whose ancestor had made a deal with the people of Hatton Corners, the deal consisted of them giving him rent for being on the land, however when Bromwell went to reclaim what was rightfully his the people of the town refused, because of this with the help of a magic staff granted to him by the Antithesis, Mr. Twister as he would be known after that would kidnap all of the children of Hatton Corners and demand the parents to pay the debt in order to see their children back and safe, it was the combined might of Robin (Dick Grayson), Kid Flash (Wally West) and Aqualad that would stop Mr. Twister's plan and save the children of that town.


    After being defeated by the heroes that would one day be known as the Teen Titans, Mr. Twister was once again contacted by the Antithesis, however this time he was brought to Limbo and was transformed into the being known as the Gargoyle, once he came back in his new form to the normal world he made the members of the Teen Titans to stop trusting at each other and lose faith in their leader Robin as an attempt to destroy the team.

    Ever since he became the Gargoyle, Bromwell Stikk has tried to both destroy the Teen Titans and free his master, the Antithesis of Limbo, he however has failed every single time he has attempted to do any of these missions. Years after his last defeat, the Gargoyle would attack the grown-up original members of the Teen Titans by making them fight each other and causing different kinds of tensions, however once again he was defeated by the heroes and remained imprisoned in Limbo.

    Also corrupted Mal Duncan's computer-programed "Gabriel's Horn", so that each time Mal used it, the fabric of limbo would be slightly torn. The cumulative effect would break the barrier between limbo and earth and free Gargoyle and Antithesis. The Titans discovered this, and Mal destroyed his Gabriel Horn, thwarting the evil pair once again.

    The Gargoyle no more?

    In the pages of Justice League of America, Red Arrow would find in a homeless local where he was offering help a grown-up version of Bromwell Stikk that was completely free of the power of the Antithesis and without his powers of either the Gargoyle or Mr. Twister. A few days later when Red Arrow goes to visit him and give both food and clothes he finds out that he has been kidnapped, with the help of Batman they figure out that it's part of the Suicide Squad's operation "Salvation Run" as they are taking every single villain out of the planet and leaving them all together in exile.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mr. Twister: Weather-related catastrophes to do battle.

    Gargoyle: Stikk thrives on negativity and violence using hypnotic powers.


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