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    Character » The Gambler appears in 60 issues.

    The Gambler relies on his quick wits, the 5 barrelled derringer he keeps up his sleeve and the razor sharp throwing knives he keeps concealed in his jacket.

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    Gambler is the name of two fictional supervillains in the DC Universe. The original version first appeared in 1944 in Green Lantern #12 in a story titled "The Gambler" by writer Henry Kuttner and artist Martin Nodell.


    The day after he graduated from high school, Steven Sharpe asked his girlfriend to marry him. However, she refused until he could prove to her that he was not a habitual gambler like his father and grandfather before him. When his girlfriend, Helen, ran off with another man who had won a fortune through gambling, Sharpe left his job and decided to make a new life for himself.

    When a freak accident saw an armoured car crash in front of him, Sharpe helped himself to the money that fell from the back of the van and swore to himself that from then on he would take whatever he could get.

    Convinced that the only thing that mattered in life was luck, and that lucky people had to take chances, Steven Sharpe decided to become the Gambler. For the next few years he spent time with a travelling carnival, becoming an expert in the use of a pistol and the art of knife-throwing as well as a master of disguise. Deciding that the time was now right to embark upon a new career, the Gambler turned to crime and soon became one of the most wanted criminals in the country.

    Arriving in Gotham City, the Gambler finally met his match in the shape of Alan Scott the original Green Lantern. At one point, Gambler married and had a son. He had two grandchildren to whom he imparted much of his criminal knowledge. The last time that Sharpe was paroled, he traveled to Las Vegas. He fell in love with the gambling in the Taj Mahal Casino. What the Gambler did not know was that the games in this casino were rigged, and he soon lost every penny. This final defeat coupled with all of the defeats he had suffered at the hands of costumed heroes was too much for Sharpe. Using his famous Derringer pistol, he shot himself in the head. The Gambler has been identified as one of the deceased entombed below the Hall of Justice. His suicide was later avenged by his granddaughter, Rebecca, who became the villain known as Hazard. His grandson, Steven V, also became a villain the second Gambler.

    Powers and Abilities

    The gambler does not have any powers but he does have weapons that are based on his obsession of gambling such as razor edge playing cards and a derringer that used gases and bullets. He also had machines to capture people such as a pinball machine and a roulette wheel that tapped the person in game for as long as gambler wanted to. He was also a master of disguise and a expert with knives.


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