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    The Fury was created by Mad Jim Jaspers to kill all superhumans.

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    On an alternate Earth (Earth-238), Mad Jim Jaspers created the Fury to kill all superhumans save himself. Jaspers was a being capable of altering reality, so though the Fury is mechanical, it isn't like any other machine or cyborg. Part robot, part living flesh, the Fury is certainly one of the most feared supervillains due its killing efficiency and durability. Fury did what it was programmed and killed every superhero in its world except for Captain UK, who escaped to Earth-616. Mad Jim Jaspers was found to be too dangerous so the temporal overseer destroyed Earth-238, but the Fury escaped to Earth-616 where it continued its mission to kill superhumans.

    Fury also found this reality's Mad Jim Jaspers and decided that since he wasn't the original Jaspers, it could kill him. They battled. Jim could alter reality, but the Fury could adapt itself in order to counter anything Jim did. So, they were at a stalemate until the Fury transported them both to the now empty void where Earth-238 had been. Mad Jim had no reality to manipulate so the Fury killed him. When it returned, the Crazy Gang, then Captain Britain, and finally Captain UK attacked it while it was still weak, each further damaging it before being overpowered, until Captain U.K. finally destroyed it.

    Earth-616 Fury

    A severely weakened version of the Fury was created by Jamie Braddock (Uncanny X-Men #444) to test the X-Men. On the first go-round it broke Cannonball's leg, knocked Rachel into the sky, knocked out Bishop and came close to killing each of them individually. He then used Sage's glasses to take over her mind.

    It was only defeated when Rachel Grey created a black hole inside of it, with the help of Storm, Sage and Bishop, sucking it in and teleporting it away, but not destroying it. It later returned to Earth-616, but Merlyn used the Captain Britain and Spider-Man of Earth-9411 to cast it back into the interdimensional void. It pursued Captain Britain-9411 back to his reality, slaughtering most of that world's superhumans, before Captain Britain used the Ultimate Nullifier to destroy it.

    Later on in Uncanny X-Men #462, Mad Jim Jaspers was resurrected in Otherworld, but his body was tainted by a portion of the Fury that slowly grew within him. Then he created an army of creatures similar to the Fury; though the weakest versions yet, they slaughtered many of the Captain Britain Corps, but when the Fury taint tried to usurp Jaspers' body, he destroyed his own Furies while trying to resist it. The Fury ultimately took over his form, transforming it into a duplicate of it's own body, but, weakened by Jaspers' mind still fighting for control, it was destroyed by Excalibur and the Exiles.


    The Fury is a Marvel comics character who first appears in Marvel Super-Heroes #387 released in 1982. The Fury was created by Alan Moore and Alan Davis. Fury receives his name from Alice in Wonderland, like many of the other characters from his first story arc do.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Fury is capable of adapting itself in any way in order to complete its assignment to kill superhumans. Its powers exists as long as he needs them. Since it can give itself any power it needs, no list of its powers would ever be complete. It is able to see superhumans' weaknesses and adapts itself accordingly, to help kill them all. It can find a way to kill anything and survive in any situation.

    From every attack used against it, The Fury learns to neutralize it. The Fury is also virtually impossible to destroy. If even the smallest part of it remains, it can rebuild itself completely by using surrounding materials. The greatest showing of this is that it was the only thing to survive when the entire reality Earth-238 was destroyed (Daredevils #6).

    The Fury has great analytical and tracking devices. It can even track its targets between dimensions; so it is almost impossible to escape it. The Fury would never stop until it has accomplished its goal to exterminate all super-humans. The Earth-616 version of the Fury was severely reduced in capability compared to the Earth-238 version, but still posed a lethal threat to the X-Men.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 7'6"
    • Weight: 600 lbs
    • Hair: None
    • Eyes: Gold and Red

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