pspin's The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #20 - Problems Multiplied, Part Three review

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Fury of Firestorm #20 Review

Fury of Firestorm #20 Review


The series ends as Firestorm gets a personal invitation from Superman for the Justice League.

The Good:

The story was a pretty good way to end the series. It spent almost the entire issue focusing on the fight and at the end tried to wrap up several hanging plot threads that kind of worked. The fight was good and saw Major Force appear, I don’t know much about him other than he looks like Captain Atom, smokes a lot, and gets beat up by Superman. The fight was a bit rushed, as it had to be and there was a lot of implied off panel things that happened which lessened it a bit. The end, though, was hilarious and showed that some heroes are less mature than others.

The writing by Dan Jurgens was good. There was a lot of exposition and it was a little dialogue heavy at certain points but the last few pages made up for that. It was nice to see another hero in the book and Superman personally inviting Firestorm to the Justice League is a nice choice as it shows that Firestorm is a powerful hero, if not totally respected.

The art is also by Jurgens and it is good. By now it is standard for the series.

The Bad:

The dialogue gets a little corny at times which is a little annoying but the biggest problem is that it is written like a TV show or movie and has a lot of characters talking at once which creates a bit of panel clutter. While some of this is necessary to wrap up the story, some of it is unnecessary.

Also a Dr. Stein shows up and it is a little weird because he hasn’t been talked about since Jurgens took over and assumed to be dead since before issue 1. He seems to be there mostly just to appeal to fans that he in fact is not dead.


A good end to the series that suffers from some minor pacing and dialogue issues; overall it segues nicely into Firestorm’s appearance in Justice League. Dan Jurgens does a nice job with the writing and art. It never becomes truly amazing but it clearly conveys most of what it wants to.

4 (3.5) out of 5

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