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Duck and Cover 2

Jesus, what a mess. Funny how Batgirl gets deeper and more interesting and Firestorm gets sloppier and more incomprehensible. I can't believe Gail Simone wrote this, almost none of her charm is present here, save for the homicidal merc team which doesn't get that much panel time sadly. More is explained about the plot bu by now, I stopped caring especially when all of these details could've been told more concisely last issue. Because the plot can't move anywhere, more bizarre shit happens for n...

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All the fury of a campfire 0

The main problem with this book in my opinion is that Raymond says Jason is acting like a jerk when he isn't. The rest of the book, while not insanely good it is better than average by a slight amount.The hulkish behavior is interesting to a degree, but Ronnie and Jason say they think someone else is in there with them and given the skull face I'd guess that it is the black lantern firestorm and hopefully that will be resolved soon.A problem that some might have is that Tonya has a vision, but a...

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Duck and cover 0

With the duo now joined and operating independently of their control, the terrorists that attacked the school previously are facing a threat that they had not counted on.  The portrayal of Firestorm here is an interesting twist, as separate nuclear men the two are in complete control, but merged together they form a separate entity.  This depiction is in my opinion a better one overall for the character as it adds a lot more to the character dynamics.  As the issue proceeds the Ronnie and Jason ...

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Would Alice Cooper be proud of this ? 0

Review for Firestorm #2.The Story: Jason, Ronny and Tonya sit around and get explanations from Jason about all this crazyness. Also we see more of the villains.The Good: I have no idea why but I like villains that are hopped up on drugs, maybe it's because it makes them dangerous or it lets the writers write crazy dialogue. The mystery of the Firestorm origin to be interesting, the hinting that it might be of mystical origin and not scientific. I think I really like Cinar's style when it's more ...

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Conspiracy Theories! 0

Scans and Summary can be seen hereThe GoodCharacterization-Small touches like Jason’s molecular control of his powers thanks to his big brain and Ronnie being far more maneuverable thanks to his athleticism really add allot of depth to things.Art-Yildiray strong dynamic artwork is both stunning and gorgeous all at once. Firestorm is easily one of the Artist highlights of the DC New 52.Conspiracy Theories- Ok now this is exciting! Three teens caught up in a global conspiracy now on the run from t...

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Heating Up 0

Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver surprised us in the last issue when a giant beast called "Fury" came out of two Firestorms. Do they continue the adventures of Firestorm going?  THE GOOD: I like the art. Yildiray Cinar style is great and I really like seeing the art because it looks really good. The story picks up from last issue if you ask me. We get some more information on what is going around with this people that are chasing them. I also like how they are having to give up everything and th...

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The Title of The Series That This Issue is Of Is Still Far Too Lo 0

The Good: The beginning is definitely intriguing. We got hit with a lot last issue, and it's coming together in a totally new way after the finale. The pacing settles out a bit after the wildly rushed finale last issue. Fury's speach, at least at the start, consisted entirely of choices, or opposites, or something. I'm not sure what the literary term is. But he says only stuff like "Move. Or burn" "Duck. And cover." It seemed to set up something interesting due to the dual nature in Fury's creat...

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