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The Fury of Firestorm #17 Review

The Fury of Firestorm #17 Review


Firestorm tries to undo Megala’s work and meets the Teen Titans as well.

The Good:

The story is pretty good. There is an air of finality or resetting that permeates the issue though and it works for the most part. In the last several issues Firestorm was taken over by Dr. Megala, a Captain Atom villain, and he destroyed some things and rearranged Mt. Rushmore and now Jason and Ronnie are trying to fix everything. Given the recent announcement that the series will be ending, it creates a somber mood and gives another purpose to the story. Seeing Firestorm interact with others From the DCU is nice because the “War of the Firestorms” happened and didn’t really attract any attention from anyone else but it is referenced several times here, which is good.

Dan Jurgens writes the issue well. Firestorm is well balanced here with his abilities and the Teen Titans are very similar to their depiction in their own title, which is really great. Several other storylines start to wrap up as well which is nice to see. There is a plot thread that was started several issues ago which seemed minor but it is nice to see consequences in the personal lives of a superhero that doesn’t involve death.

Jurgens also draws the issue and does a good job with it. It wasn’t super awesome but it was not bad at all. That being said Kid Flash and Red Robin were rocking their inner 80’s with their hair.

The Bad:

Nothing too major. There is a sense of closure that permeates the book, which gets a little tiresome but it isn’t issue killing.

The biggest problem is that Kid Flash and Solstice never shut up about how Red Robing is always right. It is very annoying, especially if you are not a big Batman fan. Personally I am not a fan of Bat-god who can predict everything and is never wrong and Red Robin channels that part of his raining here and it is very annoying.


Overall this is a solid issue of Firestorm that starts to wrap up the plot lines for the end of the series which is nice. I hope that Firestorm pops up somewhere else but who knows. The writing and art by Dan Jurgens is solid and fits the issue well.

4 out of 5


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