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Fun with Firestorm!


Dan Jurgen's art is excellent. I've been a fan of his dynamic full on super-hero art style for a while. The main problem I have with the art in this issue is I feel it's a bit over inked.

Specifically the scenes at the High School with Ronny, the art has a lot of lines on the characters face. Perhaps I'm just being picky, but it was a tad strange. The colors are vibrant and pretty and really add to the art.

Story & Script.

I've never been a devout fan of Firestorm. My first introduction to the character was in Blackest Night, and I was pretty unfamiliar with the character. He had an awesome design and interesting abilities, but his execution in Brightest Day was pretty stale. The ending of Brightest Day for Firestorm had a lot of potential, but was glossed over when this new book came out. Due to this I ended up not picking up the book.

This time around I'm pretty excited about Firestorm's future. The issue's premise is an interesting one. The villain Doctor Megala's motivations aren't really given here, but his plot on how to take down Captain Atom is. It's quite a unique and interesting idea. Which I'll talk about later.

The dialogue is good, however can be a bit silly at times. For example the scene where Jason brings up how people with mental powers are sneaky like cats. It came off a bit silly to me. That bit of discussion about cat's and dogs, just felt random(Note: I'm a cat person).

The only other big issue with the dialogue, was a scene where Jason brings up that his dad and Ronnie's mom are going out to lunch. Which was a great scene overall. However the part where Jason suggests reasons why Ronny is shocked that his mom is dating his dad came off forced and awkward.

The rest of that scene was great with Ronnie's real reason while he's surprised, and Jason bringing up his late mother. The cliffhanger was a real shock to me when I read it. It's (SPOILERS KINDA) a better executed version of Superior Spider-Man. Mostly because the villains motivations behind it while a bit cliche, aren't out of character "I want to be a hero". It's the opposite, he's doing this so he can take down Captain Atom. It's the first time I've really been excited about the whole hero vs hero scenario because it's different. That and based off their powers it could prove a very interesting read.


The issue was a lot of fun. The dialogue was mostly pretty good, the story is interesting and unique, and the characters are pretty likable as well. The issue sets up the next one very well, and has me really excited to see where this book will go.

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