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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Firestorm Scorned

At first this cover seems kind of generic, and a bit too close up, but when I looked closer at it, I saw a lot of really nice things about it. The details Van Sciver puts into energy are awesome as usual, and the way Pozhar is holding Ronnie's arm is a little creepy, and a perfect reflection of the final page. But mostly I just LOVE the way a galaxy is there is Ronnie's hand. It's an epic image idea, and in the context of the DCU draws memories of Krona's involvement in the creation of the universe.

And on the interior art, I keep saying it, Yildiray Cinar's come a long way from the beginning of the series. There's so much less novelty flashy colors, and a lot more nice details. This issue especially had some excellent details, especially when Rakshasi is involved.

Well.... in preparation for Dan Jurgens' takeover on issue #13, Ronnie and Jason's separated tales are back on a quick collision course; but it feels natural. Sure there's some behind the scenes Zithertech stuff that seems to have had sudden developments, but overall the paths Jason and Ronnie are taking feel the way they were probably intended.

While the story focuses more on shocking developments for Jason, Ronnie gets some boosted importance. He lacks the usual Firestorm ability to transmute, but what he has instead is finally explored more, and it leads to some intense character moments, and a pretty epic final page that mirrors a recent moment for Jason.

Jason, meanwhile, is finally getting some answers, and the secrets of Professor Stein are finally beginning to open up to us. It sets off the final switch needed for the explosive climax of the Firestorms' reunion.

In Conclusion: 4/5

I was REALLY enjoying the split tales of the two teens, but their coming reunion seems to be set for the right time. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this first year of Firestorm will end, because it seems like Dan Jurgens is starting a new direction when he comes on. I'm interested to see what kind of status quo Joe Harris will leave for Jurgens; will it be one set more in line with the Pre New-52 DCU, or just what this series was leading towards from the start? Or maybe something hectic and crazy? I don't know, but while this series had a significantly weak start, I think it's really come around, and ended up one of the more underrated series in the New 52. Not an amazing series level of underrated, but just a series that has gotten very little recognition even though it deserves a decent amount.

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