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Variety of stories:

"Vacationing in the Florida Everglades..."-Phantasmo Master of the world.

While vacationing in Florida Everglades Phantasmo and whizzer McGee run into the kidnappers of the infant son of Julius Dorwin the wealthy airplane manufacturer, it's up to Phantasmo to stop them.

"Escaping from the house surrounded by Ivan Shark's men..."-Captain Midnight.

After escapimg from Ivan Shark's men, Captain Midnight benefactor of mankind leads them to the secret squadron landing field where they confront Sharks men and escape toward Secret Squadron airbase number 2, Where they are informed that Ivan Shark has escaped to his West Virginia Farm

"Disguising themselves as British parachute troopers..."-Speed Martin, newsreel cameraman.

Speed and Mickey are mistaken for spies and end up in Grachau concentration camp where their trial is held, Judy Jackson disguises herself as an old woman, and helps them escape during a bombing by the british planes

The Rocket Boys in Space: Chapter X-The rocket boys in space.

In the planet Thostia they are captured by creatures with super intelligence

"Curse the devil!"-The Black Knight .

After helping the good sheik El Memsa get rid of a fierce tribe of thieves, the Black knight helps the needy and sick, as well as prepares his growing army, and we are also introduced to Abbu Khan and his beastly followers

Murder Rings the Bell-Philo Vance.

During a party, That Philo is attending, the dorrbel rings, and at the door is a dying Mr. Gibson, it is revealed he has been stabbed, it is up to Philo Vance the famous amateur Criminologist to discover the culprit and motive.

"Get this man to the sick bay, quick!"-Navy Bob Steele.

After Red Malone is drugged, the gamblers leave the boat, Bob Steele chases them to land for a showdown.

"After the futile attack on the lonely Army air base..."-The sky ranger.

A Cargo of pelts is stolen in Alaska, Bruce and Pug, who are helping with the repairs after the small base was attacked set of to recover them and confront the thieves, leading to an airplane battle.

"In a midtown apartment hotel..."-Mr. Distric Attorney

A man is push out of a building, the papers rule it out as suicide, but Mr. distric attorney discovers there is more to the this case.

"While Rex and Tim, in their submarines..." -Rex king of the deep.

Butch helps Rex escape from the Enemy Fliers that have taken over their super sub, the fliers are planning to sink the Cartania, will Rex be able to stop them?



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