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The Freedom Machine was created as the main team of superhumans in the twelve part mini-series titled Pantheon. They were created by Bill Willingham and Mike Leeke and was introduced in Pantheon's first issue printed by Lone Star Press in 2007. The story of the Freedom Machine comes from an idea of the end of days for this worlds superhero's.


The highly respected faction of heroes known as the Freedom Machine are the major super team of the Pantheon universe. Coming from a universe in which there seem to be less villains than heroes the ranks of the Machine are many and have various backgrounds and abilities. They have gone through several members since their glory days and recruit from their team in training, the Teen Machine. They add new members from the Teen Machine as they complete their training and/or the Freedom team needs to bolster their ranks. The Freedom Machine resided in their headquarters Thunder Mountain a highly sophisticated base equipped with all their many needs.

Dynasty as her mother before her currently served as the leader of the Freedom Machine, but most of their senior members (such as Ivanhoe or Blackheart) have enough experience to step in should the need arise. The Freedom Machine worked together for several decades fighting many threats to the world from supervillians such as Chaos Nation, Dr.Meggido, Kid Babylon, and Thunderdog to space invading forces named the Zorn.

Having captured their most dangerous treats to humanity the world governments created a specialized holding facility on an island in an undisclosed location which they named Fort Silence. However Dr.Meggido went into hiding and was not seen for quite sometime. The Freedom Machine also went into a time of somewhat relative peace on the planet.

After former Freedom Machine member Daedalus had helped breakout several powerful villains from Fort Silent and was looking for others to join him in his conquest of the planet the Oddities were staying out of the situation. This was until Gulliver and Menagerie from the Freedom Machine had been sent to secretly obtain intel from the Oddities headquarters to see which side they would join. However both were easily discovered within the buildings vents and retrieved by Dr.Odd. Once they were told by Gulliver of the reasoning behind their espionage tactics the team began to bicker on what to do with the two. Insulted and angered by the approach which the Dynasty and the Freedom machine had taken they joined up with Daedalus and his objectives.

With forces amassing on Fort Silent's island the Oddities fought against the Freedom Machine and other super powered individuals. However they were wiped out of existence when the Darkside Rangers and the US government deployed Deathboy from an airplane and he used his deathray vision make them all vanish.


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