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    The Fraternity is the group of ruthless super-villains that rule the world of Millarworld. They originally consist of 5 separate families, ruling different parts of the world. Currently, Wesley Gibson has taken over after Mister Rictus' failed coup d'état against the ruling families.

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    Villains conquered the world in 1986
    Villains conquered the world in 1986

    After the destruction of all the heroes at the hands of all the worlds villains (a plan formed by The Professor) The Fraternity was formed they quickly cleaned up the destruction caused by the great battle in 1986 and wiped the minds of everyone on earth making it seem like super heroes never existed except in comic books and T.V shows and the heroes that survived. Then going on to form the council of five and rule the world.

    Similarities have been drawn between the villians of Wanted and the villians in the DCU (most likely intentionally). Such examples include t he two major characters:

    - Wesley Gibson / The Killer , based on Deadshot, Bullseye (weapons expert with perfect aim)

    - The Fox , based on Catwoman (animal-based jewel thief and joy-killer, former girlfriend of "The Detective"/Batman)

    The Fraternity was ruled by five of the world's worst super-villain criminal masterminds in the world:

    The Council Of Five at board meeting
    The Council Of Five at board meeting

    The Professor's Gang (based on Superman's enemies) is:

    • Brain Box , based on Brainiac (alien intelligence)
    • The Imp , based on Mr. Mxyzptlk (hyper-powerful trans-dimensional dwarf)
    • Fuckwit , based on Bizarro (imperfect clone of powerful super-hero)
    • Sucker , based on Parasite (able to steal the powers of other villains) and Marvel Comics Venom (alien organism that takes over a human host).
    • Doll-Master , based on Toyman (commands lethal toys)

    Mr. Rictus's Gang (based on Batman's enemies) is:

    Rictus's gang and some of Future Here's gang
    Rictus's gang and some of Future Here's gang
    • The Avian , based on The Penguin and the Vulture (spider-man) (bird-based villain)
    • The Frightener , based on The Scarecrow, (uses fear and viruses as weapons); also similar in appearance to Carnage from Marvel Comics
    • The Puzzler , based on The Riddler (puzzle-themed villain).
    • Shithead , based on Clayface (shape-shifting mud-monster, actually composed of feces)
    • Deadly Nightshade , based on Poison Ivy (plant-based villainess)
    • Johnny Two-Dicks , based on Two-Face and Ventriloquist (a milquetoast controlled by a nefarious second personality)
    • The Mad March Hare , based on The Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland-themed madman)

    Throughout the comic, a villian similair to Magneto also pops up, along with a Thor/Loki look alike. Iron Fist and Luke Cage look alike also make appearances.

    Millars creation of the Fraternity also pokes fun at the fact that villians never work together effectively. In the Wanted world, they all sign up underneath one leader, Solomon Seltzer.

    Nemesis Reloaded

    The Fraternity Returns
    The Fraternity Returns

    The Fraternity returns as it was revealed that Wesley Gibbons has been the leader of The Fraternity since the deaths of The Council of Five. It is also revealed that Wesley groomed Nemesis to be the newest member of The Fraternity.

    Big Game

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    The Fraternity embarks on a mission to eradicate a new generation of superheroes in the year 2023. One by one, with Nemesis now in their ranks, the Fraternity began to hunt down and kill many heroes like The Chrononauts, Edison Crane, The Ambassadors, Huck, Superior, Gary "Eggsy" Unwin, The Night Club, Duke McQueen, and Justice Forever. They have yet to eliminate Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl. They soon face King Morax and his alien armada.

    The crest

    The Fraternity's Crest
    The Fraternity's Crest

    All members of The Fraternity carry around a small pin with the Fraternity crest on it, which once shown allows the wearer to kill, rape, steal or destroy anything they please without facing consequences of any kind whatsoever.


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