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In the 1810s, an unnamed alien Earth first reached Earth. They had come from a "far-off tropical planet" and were exploring space, looking for peaceful contact with other sentient races. They wanted to contact humanity. But were reluctant to risk the life any of their crew members. So they created an experimental android in vaguely human form to use it as their envoy. He was to be the very first "inter-stellar ambassador" on Earth.

Something went wrong. Very wrong. Humans reacted in fear to this "Monster". Either in reaction to that fear, or due to a simple malfunction, the Android went "berserk" Menacing humanity and fleeing from its alien masters. The aliens pursued it across the planet. The endless pursuit brought both them and their creation to the Arctic. Where the Android discovered a major flaw in its design. The aliens had made their creation invulnerable to most threats. But their planet never had ice and they knew no defense against it. The Android had no defense either and froze solid. It was trapped in ice for 150 years.

Professor X (or the Changeling) deduced that Mary Wollstencraft Shelley somehow learned part of this tale. And use it to create her novel "Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus" (1818). In other words that the Monster existed but Victor Frankenstein was a fictional character. The problem with this that both Victor and his creation are known to be real persons of the Marvel Universe. Their connection, if any, to the Android remains unknown. The real Monster was also found frozen in the Arctic. So two very similar creatures shared similar fates.


Frankenstein Android was created by Roy Thomas and Don Heck in 1967 and first appeared in The (Uncanny) X-Men issue 40 (1968). He is not to be mistaken for the true Marvel-version of Frankenstein's Monster.

Mayor Story Arcs


Versus the X-Men
Versus the X-Men

In 1968 (original date), an Arctic expedition led by one Dr. Powell discovered the frozen body of the Android. Powell transported his discovery to a museum in New York City. The government authorities forbid Powell from performing any experiments on the Andoid, fearing it could prove dangerous. Powell felt enraged at those "pompous bureaucrats" and removed the ice from around the creature. The Android immediately revived and smashed its way out of the lab.

Professor X and/or the Changeling had suspected the Android was the creation of a mutant and had wanted to study it. So the X-Men had already broken into the museum when the revived Android appeared. Their brightly-colored costumes apparently reminded the creature of the flamboyant costumes of his creators. So he attacked them. He soon proved invulnerable to any attack by the four X-Men present (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Marvel Girl). He was amused by the feeble "beams" coming from Scott's eyes. So "Frankenstein" retaliated with a powerful beam from his own eyes. Knocking out all four mutants in a single move.

The Android went on a rampage of sorts in New York City. Leaving behind a trail consisting of automobiles, some destroyed and others piled up in heaps. "He" was making his way to New York harbor. "He" wanted to find a way to escape this city, to a place where "puny humans" would leave "him" alone. (The Hulk could sympathize). So the Android stowed away on a random ship. But the X-Men followed him there.

"Frankenstein" held his own in a rematch. Attempting to kill Professor X. But this time the X-Men had done the right thing and brought Iceman along. He trapped the creature in ice and kept lowering the temperature. Until the mechanical parts of the Android could not take it any more. The damaged parts malfunctioned and the Android exploded.


The Frankenstein Android had super strength which allowed "him" to punch through solid steel and lift cars with ease. Based on the depiction, he probably could lift at least 20 tons. Making "him" stronger than the real Frankenstein's Monster. His mechanical parts consisted of an unknown alien metals which made him highly resistant to physical attacks and energy blasts. His eyes could throw energy blasts, supposedly exceeding those of Cyclops in force. A single blast was powerful enough to knock out four opponents. But apparently left no lasting effect.

The main weakness of the creature was ice. It could immobilize it and even destroy its mechanical parts.


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