The Fountain

    Movie » The Fountain released on November 22, 2006.

    Fountain of youth story intertwining several lifetimes.

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    The Fountain


    Spanning over three timelines, the story focuses on Hugh Jackman's main character as he tries to save his love.

    The Good

    I have always been a huge fan of Hugh Jackman. He has great acting skills and yet you see his character struggling to save his onetime love. What's so interesting about this movie is that it sets in three different timelines, the past, the present, and the far future. There are great special effects being done with this movie. I liked how they did with the space bubble that floats in outer space. It was neat and artistic. It was also fascinating to see the different timelines and how they are very well connected for the two main characters.

    The Bad

    There's nothing bad about this movie. Although, I was wondering how Tommy was able to escape from being trapped within the old tree. This happened in the past when he was a Spanish conquistador. I felt like that they didn't spend much time explaining his escape. Did the tree let him go? Who knows? For viewers who may be quite confused about the three timelines. Tommy and Izzy (Rachel Weisz) are not entirely different characters. They're the same characters who were given eternal life until Izzy has been strucked by a brain tumor. In terms of that condition, why only Izzy? How come Tommy doesn't have the same side-effect? Did the tree have to do anything with Izzy's brain tumor? Or did Izzy had this condition way before she was given eternal life? All of these questions were not able to answered in time as we see Tommy races the clock to find the cure.

    The Verdict

    As a lover of sci-fi and fantasy movies, the story was quite interesting and romantic. It's sad to see one eternal love died and not having to live forever as Tommy lived to see himself in the far future. The fountain receives 4 eternal white saps out of 5.

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