The Forgotten Villains

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    A team of villains formed by Enchantress to dominate the Universe. They were stopped by a counterpart superhero team of lesser powered heroes known as "The Forgotten Heroes" and Superman.

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    The Forgotten Villians was a team of criminals organized, by the heroine-turned-villain, The Enchantress. They banded together to conquer the universe. The group was sorcery based and had three sorcerers that were the foundation of the team. The other sorcerers were the 18th Century Polish mystic Kraklow and the living planet Yggardis. The other members of the team were Atom-Master, Chun Yull, The Faceless Hunter, Mr. Poseidon, and the monstrous humanoid Ultivac.

    Despite all their amassed power they were defeated by Superman and The Forgotten Heroes, a group that had banded together to stop Vandal Savage, who wanted to destroy Superman. The villians were captured and The Enchantress escaped. She would later join The Rick Flag Suicide Squad. Rick Flag was a member of The Forgotten Heroes who she had fought against with her earlier team. She would later turn heroine and stay with the team.

    The Forgotten Villians would be reunited again when the Supersons encountered an alternate version of Kraklow, who was being attacked by Yggardis. They had to fight against younger versions of the Forgotten Villians and discovered than part of the powers of Kraklow had their origin in the soiol of Yggardis itself. The Supersons were able to defeat the reanimated Forgotten Villians and later dealt with Yggardis to save the life of Kraklow.


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