The Forgiven

    Team » The Forgiven appears in 35 issues.

    The Forgiven are a team of vampire superheroes working for Dracula.

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    The Forgiven is a group of vampires who have chosen to put aside their desire for human blood, to turn away from their vampire nature, and be a force for good. The core membership consists of Ghost Blade, Inka, Nighteyes, Quickshot, Visigoth, and their leader, Raizo Kodo. They will take on new recruits from time to time and help guide them through the process of the Forgiven.

    Their most recent recruit was Jubilee. With their help she was able to kick the human blood habit, living off the blood of other mammals instead. However, having Jubilee with them drew the attention of the X-Men who eventually located them on one of their bases, on an island in the South Chine Sea. Assuming they were regular "evil" vampires, the X-Men were quick to overreact and fought them. Luckily, Jubilee intervened soon after and stopped the pointless bloodshed.

    However, they soon learned a large bounty was placed on Raizo and a bunch of contract killers were on the island, headed for them. Teaming up, the X-Men and the Forgiven were able to defeat all of the assassins, including an unknown figure who nearly killed Raizo. When the X-Men left, Jubilee made the choice to reaming with the Forgiven so she could learn more about their ways.

    As for who was behind the bounty, it was the leaders of both the Mystikos and Siren sects, who are tired of the Forgiven and their undermining of the "true" vampire ways. However, Raizo and the Forgiven have no idea who is truly after them.


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