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The Forge was created by the line of heroes who held the name of Vulcan. It was a former White Martian vessel that was left behind following their failed attempt at enslaving mankind during ancient times. During Roman times, the White Martians instead accidentally created a Metavirus that gave select beings the ability to wield fire. This being a critical weakness of the Martian race allowed these heroes to fight back the alien enslavers where one of the White Martian ships was kept for study. From the craft, the line of Vulcan crafted weapons to fight future incursions from these aliens. The White Martian vessel became lodged in the Still Zone where it became the headquarters for the heroes that took the mantle of Vulcan. To operate its facilities, the AI Praetor was created who was made to vigilantly protect the base. When Miguel Deviante became the new Vulcan, Praetor asked questions to verify his superhero identity. After Deviante failed to answer, the AI decided to initiate the self-destruct sequence to prevent the Forge from falling into what he believed to be enemy hands. The only survivors being Miguel and Pandora who escaped on-board a hover cycle back to Earth.

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