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My Thoughts on Impact: "Fly Vol #2 issue #6"

My Thoughts on Impact: "Fly Vol # 2 Issue# 6"

1. I Enjoyed it , It was "OK" arc for a 1990's comic book when Dark Horse and other Indy Comic Book came out the whole Impact comic arc fit right in with that group /style of comics .

2. I would not tell new readers to start with it , but reader that may have been collecting 2 to 3 years it's a "Good" $0.50 bin dive to fill up you collection (but only if it's your thing )...

3. The arc is the start DCU and Red Circle run , because the stories were well written and could stand alone on their own with out JLA or JSA team come in and give it a push .

4. I think some other Charters like War Eagle and Dolphus could be put into the DCU and stand on their own with team up like JLA or JSA .


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