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    Volume » Published by DC Comics. Started in 2016.

    Volume 5.

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    Preceded by Volume 4. Continued in Volume 6.

    His name is Barry Allen, and he’s the Fastest Man Alive. But he’s also so much more.

    As he learns more about the Speed Force that fuels his incredible powers, the Flash is also discovering secrets about his past beyond anything he’d ever dreamed-how he created a Flashpoint that changed history and helped create a new world, watched over by forces unknown.

    And when the same Speed Force that flows through him is unleashed all over Central City, striking cops, criminals and ordinary civilians alike, it’s up to the Flash to train this new wave of speedsters to use their amazing abilities wisely.




    Collected Editions

    1Lightning Strikes Twice0, 1-8
    2Speed of Darkness9-13
    3Rogues Reloaded14-20
    The Button21-22
    4Running Scared23-27
    6Cold Day in Hell34-38
    7Perfect Storm39-45
    8Flash War46-51
    9Reckoning of the Forces52-57
    10Force Quest58-63
    11The Greatest Trick of All66-69
    Year One70-75
    12Death and the Speed Force76-81
    13Rogues Reign82-87
    14The Flash Age88, 750-755
    15Finish Line756-762
    16Wally West Returns763-771
    18The Search for Barry Allen780-789
    19The One-Minute War790-796

    Deluxe Editions:

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    Non-U.S. Collected Editions


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