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    Volume » Published by DC Comics. Started in 2010.

    Volume 3.

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    Preceded by The Flash Volume 2, Continued in The Flash Volume 4.

    Starring: Barry Allen as the Flash (II).

    Barry Allen is back on the road in this 12 issue series that proceeds the Flash: Rebirth. Ready to go, and tying into the arc of the Brightest Day, Barry begins his journey by regaining his old position at the Central City Police Department's crime lab and returning to memory lane by hitting the books to finally uncover his mothers true murderer. In the first story arc <Case One> we find Barry accused of murder by a police force called The Renegades from the 25th century, who resemble The Rogues. As Barry continues to alienate himself from his friends and family both Captain Boomerang and The Reverse Flash<Eobarad Thawne> make there timely return. With the conclusion to the Brightest Day drawing near we find our hero entering into the second story arc <Case Two> where Barry is on the road to Flashpoint. Dealing with a mysterious time traveling man on a motorcycle, we find that the Reverse Flash is waiting no time, upon his return, and is stirring up a large batch of chaos.

    For Post Flashpoint volume 4, refer to The Flash.

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