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The Death of the Worst Flash or Marc Guggenheim I Hate You

Out of character.

Those are the words that best describe Guggenheim's attempt, and I do stress the word attempt, to write an epic story.

The Rogues are not your normal "take over the world" type villains.  They aren't even your psychopathic murdering villains.  They're bank robbers.  They're thieves.  They're crooks.  Not murderers.  The reason they are so successful is because they play by a different set of rules.  Captain Cold has been able to kill the Flash a dozen times.  But he didn't.  Why?  Because if you kill a superhero, the other superheroes come for you.  He's made sure all his friends know this and the Rogues are only willing to kill a superhero when everything is on the line.

But I guess Guggenheim was too lazy to read up on the characters he decided to use to murder Bart Allen.  News flash!  Inertia and Abra Kadabra aside, none of these characters have any motivation to kill the Flash.  None.  Zip.  Zilch.  This whole run was just one bad joke ending in this one terrible issue.

Just because a good character dies at the end does not mean it was a good story.  Don't waste your time with this garbage.

Sidenote: Loves Valerie?  Really?  He's known this girl for what?  A couple weeks?  Fail.

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