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Final Issue! A death in the Flash family!

The Flash must make the choice he was offered at the beginning of "Full Throttle." And you won't want to miss the stunning full version of this cover — but you only can catch it when this issue races into stores!

The year is 2989 and Bart Allen is losing races in his virtual reality childhood. He asks his grandpa Barry why he keeps losing and Barry forces him to give his own answer. When Bart says it’s because it feels like his legs are gone after he runs too long, Barry tells him he just has to make his legs not hurt. Barry asks him what he wants to be when he grows up and Bart says he wants to be a hero. Barry says that a hero is just someone who stands up when their legs are gone.

In the present Valerie and Iris prepare for what’s coming, Inertia getting the speed force and the process blowing up half the area. Valerie is having a hard time with the machine but Iris tells her to keep working because, thanks to a time flux, there’s a chance they can save Bart. She then leaves Iris and heads out to help the powerless Bart.

At the moment, Bart is staring down the Black Flash with his Rogues coming up too. Iris appears and throws some sort of bomb at them to distract them while she tells Bart her plan. He smiles and tells her he’ll by Val all the time she needs, but Iris tries to stop him, saying she can take him away and keep him safe. In response, Bart puts her in a chokehold and puts her on the ground. He then calls Valerie and tells her he’ll get her the ten minutes she needs.

Nearby, Inertia watches as the Rogues try to get their bearings back. He doesn’t know that Piper is behind him. Piper knocks him out and says that Inertia wasn’t the only one with a secret agenda.

Flash uses a tranq gun to lower the number of rogues he’s facing, but there are still four of them after his ammo runs out. He tries to go hand to hand but being outnumbered makes it too hard. Bart goes down just as the Piper drags Inertia to the rest of the Rogues. With the two powerless speedsters side by side, Kadabra notices the similarities. He figures out that Inertia is Flash’s twin and that the whole thing was just a plan for him to get Flash’s speed. The Rogues are furious but Inertia says that, though the plan was for him, the Rogues still get what they wanted. A chance to kill Flash. Kadabra says that the boy in front of them is not Flash, but Flash breaks free and tells them otherwise. Surprising even himself, Bart attacks and Inertia and prepares to beat him to death in order to appease Black Flash and rewrite his history. Inertia fights back and starts heading for the machine so he can get the Speed Force. Flash gets up too and without either of them having super speed, they get into foot race. Before they can make it, the Rogues attack with all their weapons and both runners go down. Fortunately though, the whole thing bought Valerie enough time to finish what she was doing. The Rogues leave and Valerie and Iris run to the fallen Flash’s side. Flash says he loves Valerie right before he dies.

Heroes that were friends of Bart get the news of his death and don’t take it well. A memorial is made for Flash and hundreds of people are in attendance.

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular CoverTony Daniel1
VariantVariant CoverTony Daniel2

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The Death of the Worst Flash or Marc Guggenheim I Hate You 0

Out of character.Those are the words that best describe Guggenheim's attempt, and I do stress the word attempt, to write an epic story.The Rogues are not your normal "take over the world" type villains.  They aren't even your psychopathic murdering villains.  They're bank robbers.  They're thieves.  They're crooks.  Not murderers.  The reason they are so successful is because they play by a different set of rules.  Captain Cold has been able to kill the Flash a dozen times.  But he didn't.  Why?...

2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

The Death of (In My Opinion) The Best Flash 0

Bart Allen is Dead. Killed at the hands of the Rogues. The Speed Force taken from him and The Black Flash there to take him to the beyond. He died valiantly against his evil clone Inertia, who would blow up the east coast just to get Bart's speed. The Rogues kill him as he was broken. I was really surprised by this, I had not heard of his impending death. I thought it was just a plot device. But the Black Flash was there. I think the return of Barry Allen is what Countdown is about...I may be wr...

1 out of 2 found this review helpful.

Bart Allen I love you. 0

I love the Flash. I love what he stands for. He fights to the last. He never gives up. And that's exactly what Bart was. I hated to see him die but he was faced against impossible odds that no superhero would have won against. I also liked that they started the comic with a flashback pointing out that morals and his grandfather played a huge role in his life.There are some panels that were so beautifully drawn, like the half Victoria, half Bart panel. Also the "I AM THE FLASH" panel shows his de...

0 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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