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The top Rogues haven't been on speaking terms for a while, so who's uniting them as one voice to take down the Flash? This issue kicks off a battle so brutal, we had to call it "Full Throttle"!

Bart is still in shock as he sees his Grandmother Iris holding a gun to him. Zoom, still in his clutches smiles a psychotic grin. Iris shoots three times and Bart is able to see that she's shooting darts at him. That's a little bit of a relief. As he grabs one in mid-air, Zoom runs up behind him. As he jumps at Bart, he begins to say that they are trying to help him. Bart doesn't believe it and hits Zoom in the neck with the dart. He is out cold. He turns to his grandma and demands some answers.

Inertia continues his recruitment drive and catches up to a running Captain Cold. Cold says he's tired of all the speedsters. Inertial says he'll give him the names of the next ten Super Bowl champions just for listening to his plan.

Iris apologizes to Bart. She was hoping they could catch him off guard. She says she shot at him for his own good. Zoom agreed to help her take Bart out of super-heroing temporarily. The darts were designed to make speedsters powerless for about a week. Bart wants to know what's supposed to happen this week.

Inertia's next stop is at the Jura Canton Prison in Switzerland to pay a visit to Abra Kadabra. He doesn't want anything to do with a plan of being part of the Rogues. Inertia says he's never been part of a plan made by him. He says he'll give him a chance to pull the biggest trick of all time. It'll be a trick that will make history. Abra Kadabra is interested. Inertia says he can get him out.

Iris continues to talk to Bart. She explains that she's learned that the future isn't as reliable as she thought. Just the fact that Bart is the Flash has made her rethink everything. She doesn't want to tell Bart what is going to happen and feels she's already said to much. Bart wants to know what she's protecting him from. Iris answers that it's not "what" but rather "who."

In Keystone City, Inertia is battling the Weather Wizard to get his attention. He says he just wants to make a point to him. He then takes the Wizard's wand and tells him it's his crutch. He asks him to think about how could his infant son have control over the weather without a wand. Inertia says it's because he has his genes but not the mental blocks that he has. To prove his point, he snaps the wand in two. He says he has 30th Century psychological therapies that can easily remove his mental blocks.

Iris tells Bart the whole story. He says that it's not her decision to make but rather his. He says that however it turns out, he's okay with it. After he calms her down, he races off to the police academy. He's late but runs into Val. She says she's thought everything over and wants to try things again. Bart is happy but can't take the risk of her getting hurt. He tells her the timing is bad and that it's not a good idea for them to get together at this point.

Inertia sits in a wharehouse with all the Rogues he's gathered including Mirror Master, Heat Wave, and the Pied Piper. He begins to tell them all his plan. He wants to build a structure on the foundation of the Getty Center and they will all make history.

As soon as Bart walks into his class late, his instructor tells him to turn around and go to the Parker Center because Robbery-Homicide wants to talk to him. He meets with Detectives Nolan and McCain. They tell him he has some explaining to do at the same moment the Rogues begin their attack on the Getty Center. They ask Bart why Steppenwolf (mistakenly called "Stepperwolf") would smash up the academy just to break into his locker. The forensic team says all the evidence points to that. Bart tries denying the whole thing saying he has no idea. The detectives are not happy and threaten to arrest him for obstruction of justice. An officer opens the door and tells them of the attack at the Getty Center. Bart gets up beginning to say he has to leave. The two detectives say he isn't going anywhere and place handcuffs on him. They begin to read him his rights. Bart has no choice now. He vibrates his wrists to cause the handcuffs to fall off. Then he opens the secret compartment on his ring where his costume is kept. He tells them that Steppenwolf attacked his locker because he's the Flash and that he doesn't have time to stick around for any more questions.

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VariantVariant CoverTony Daniel2


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