Review: The Flash Secret Files and Origins

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Every time I see a book with "Secret Files" in the title, or something like that, I pass on it. However, since Barry Allen has been gone 20 years and just recently returned, many newer Flash fans may not know who Barry Allen is. This book is more than just a fact file, there is actually a story within the pages.

The Good

The first 18 pages are the actual story. I love the reintroduction of Barry and who he is, and his new connection to the Flash Family. I may be a little bit of a fanboy of this book because Geoff Johns, Scott Kolins, and Francis Manapul all worked on it together, some of my favorite creators. I love how Scott draws the Rogues, especially during his Final Crisis: Rogue's Revenge. Aside from that, I love the panel composition in this issue, your eyes glide easily across the page and their is no confusion. The back of the book contains character/team/city profiles to catch everyone up on all the Flash goodness. Manapul did a chunk of the art work, but his Grodd is by far the best. Everything in the back section is new, no re-hatches, and it will all hopefully tie in to the upcoming Flash book. There nothing about this book I didn't love, even for a "Secret Files and Origins."

The Bad

Ok, there were two things I didn't love. The first was that the Captain Boomerang page's writing was all blacked out. I understand he's a big part of the events to come, but give me something! Secondly, i wish the story could have been a little longer. The first part of the book was glimpses into two different stories and that's it.

The Verdict

I've never been a fan of these fact books before, but here, it makes sense. Many people need to know the information in this book for the upcoming events involving this Flash. Aside from it being a fact book, it was a great read. I read it twice in one sitting. If you're a Flash fan, this is a must buy. If you're not, pick it up and read up on a highly under rated DC character.


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I liked the story, it was nice to see some more about how much Barry's mom meant to him , but what had me much more interested was Sam Scudder's glass factory. Definitely the highlight though was the art, you can't say no to Scott Kolins and Francis Manapul doing the Rogues

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Nice review. I agree that the team behind this intrigues me to the point I want to pick it up.
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Yea, I gave it a 5/5 too.

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Didn't pick my comics for the week up yet, hopefully this didn't sell out by the time I go to the shop. Love Barry, and can't wait for the new series!

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I'm excited for this, I've haven't been picking up any DC stuff lately but the return of Barry Allen has me excited. Gonna have to get this, the new Flash series and Flash: Rebirth when its collected in a trade.

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Can't wait to read this! I couldn't find it at my LCS :(

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I haven't read this comic yet but it's on my "hit" list.

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