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    Volume 1

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    Starring: Barry Allen as the Flash (II).

    (Six-Issue Miniseries).

    Writer Geoff Johns and artist Ethan Van Sciver, the team behind the seminal Green Lantern Rebirth of 2004 and 2005, joined forces to relaunch Barry Allen as the Flash. Hot on the heels of Barry's dramatic return to the DC Universe at the end of Final Crisis # 3, Johns was given the job of reintroducing Barry Allen to the world. It was a difficult line to walk, as many fans held Wally West close to their hearts.

    The first issue opened with the celebrations for Barry's return while also dealing with the disconnection he felt upon returning to a world that had changed so much since he had joined the speed force years before, It also reintroduce the Flash Team of Wally, Bart Allen (himself back from the dead during "Final Crisis") and Jay Garrick, while also introducing a mystery when Barry accidentally turned Wally's old enemy Savitar to dust with just a touch.

    Flash: Rebirth was a runaway success, the first issue selling out within days of its release. Not only was Barry Allen back, but the whole Flash family had joined him for the start of a new era.

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