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Zippy Reviews #1: A Fresh New Start for the Fastest Man Alive!

The issue opens with Barry in a crime scene of a murdered woman. The crime reminded Barry of his mother's untimely demise caused by Professor Zoom who is now imprisoned in Iron Heights. The Speed Force then shows Barry visions about him killing Zoom and an unknown speedster (Godspeed) who seems to be threatening the Flash.

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The next day Barry visits his father Barry Allen to discuss about the similarities between his mother's death and the recent case Barry's working on and his strange visions coming from the speed force. After, Barry goes back to S.T.A.R. Labs to investigate more about the speed force and his visions. Barry then realizes researching on the speed force would take time and so he goes out doing his usual stuff instead.

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On the road Barry encounters a lightning strike and Wally West comes out of the speed force. After acknowledging life and Barry, Wally started to fade to be one with the speed force. The Flash then remembers his comrade and pulls him out thus preventing him from fading away forever. After catching up, Barry and Wally split ways. Barry would be catching up with Batman while Wally would be going on his way only to reunite with the The Titans in Titans: Rebirth #1.

The Flash and Batman with the Comedian's Smiley Clip
The Flash and Batman with the Comedian's Smiley Clip

Upon Barry's arrival in the Batcave, Batman tells Barry that they don't have much evidence and that they should keep on working together to understand what has been happening. The issue ends with Barry overhearing his colleagues saying "That guy has too much going on, and sometimes.... Barry Allen..... makes mistakes".

Onto the review, I think Joshua Williamson has done a great job on Flash's series debut on Rebirth. It's not too slow nor fast paced but just enough to get readers excited for the upcoming issues, Wally's return and generally Flash and Batman's investigation. The only thing this issue lacks is a teeny tiny bit of action. I don't see it as an issue since this one-shot story is more like a detective story more than anything but I'm sure some people would want to see it. As you read along, you'd feel a heartwarming sensation because of Wally and Barry's brotherly bond. As for the art, Carmine Di Giandomenico's work

is a complete eye candy and it should be a good reason alone to read this issue.


It is a must read for anyone who just read DC Universe: Rebirth #1 - The Clock is Ticking or at lest for anyone who wants to get into the current Flash series. For those who are not sure whether to purchase this issue or not, I say go out and get this thing. For only $2.99 you should be able to feel hooked to the series and need delve into the DC Rebirth Universe mystery!

Should I Read Anything Before This Issue?

I highly suggest reading DC Universe: Rebirth #1 - The Clock is Ticking before this issue just to orient you with what has been happening to Wally and to most of Rebirth.


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