The Flash Annual #4

    The Flash Annual » The Flash Annual #4 - Creation Myths released by DC Comics on September 2015.

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    Meet the new hunting party gathered by Professor Zoom – and see how The Flash’s nemesis recruited each of these deadly players to plague the life of Barry Allen.

    1520-What remains of the Aztec Empire: Magali is climbing a mountain and saving a baby bird when she is approached a group of conquistadors. They are going to kill her, but an old and feeble Eobard Thawne stops them. He makes a deal with Magali, if she makes him young he will protect her from them conquistadors. She agrees, makes Eobard young and his uses the Speed Force to kill the soilders. He then tells Magali they are both gods gifted by the Speed Force and must use their powers to kill the evil god named The Flash.

    1883-Kimberly Mine, South Africa: Xolani uses his Folding Man power to steal diamonds from his slave masters. He folds back to his village where he says good morning to his wife and leaves to hide his stolen goods. At his hiding spot he meets Eobard and Magali, who explain they got there powers the same way as he. They need his help but before he can answer, Xolani sees smoke back at his village. When he returns home his village is destroyed, and he plans his revenge. This is when Eobard offers to help.

    1957-Melbourne, Australia: Block is working as a side show attraction at a circus, but things soon get out of control when a man calls her a Maori Witch, and she attacks him. This leads to her getting shot but survives unharmed. She seems confused and that is when The Folding Man shows up and teleports her away. Eobard then offers her a job and freedom.

    1982- Broken Arrow, Oklahoma: A tornado has been twisting three days, and this is when Eobard and his group show up. Xolani and Block use their powers to stop the tornado by getting to Roscoe, the boy in the tornado making it spin. Eobard talks to the boy offering him help controlling his power.

    Now- Keystone City: Eobard has assemble his Acolytes of Zoom, and with the help of Selkirk, he has lied to them all, telling them that Flash is evil and most be destroyed. As a team they plan on destroying him in the public eye and then killing him.

    1982- Eobard steals Roscoes' pills, at super speed, causing him to lose control of his powers killing the town of Broken Arrow.

    1957- Eobard cons a local to insult Block forcing her to loose her cool and start the riot.

    1883- Eobard tells Xolani's slave masters where to find the diamonds, then hides a diamond in Xolani's tent.

    1520- Eobard leads the conquistadors to find Maori's village, revealing that his plans are just beginning.

    Continued in: The Flash #43 - Getting the Drop



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