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The Rogues – victorious? If THE FLASH had trouble with them individually, together they’ll kill him!

Something worse than The Rogues is just waiting for the right moment to attack....

The Flash remembers when his dad took him to races at the Salt Flats in Bonneville.

A year and a half ago the Rogues attacked the city. Their rules are explained - 1. They don't kill, 2. They don't go near drugs, 3. It's all about the score. Flash fought them back again, which frustrates them very much, especially Captain Cold who struggles with his role as a leader. Wandering through the city, he is confronted by Darwin Elias who makes him an offer. Leonard wants the group to use a genome changer, to make them into superhumans like The Flash to have a chance against him. His sister Lisa is against the idea but they do it anyway. The experiment goes wrong, empowering the Rogues but killing Lisa in the process, turning her intothe Golden Glider, a phantom caught between the astral planes. Her lover Sam is lost even more.

Patty is taking a blood sample for the crime lab from Turbine after the incident. When they see a report on TV that claims Barry might have stabbed Elias, Turbine remembers everything and wants to help Patty.

At the scene, Captain Cold freezes Elias so he can't die and Flash is surprised to hear that Captain Cold wants to work together with him to beat the others. Flash fights three of the Rogues in the Mirrorworld while Lisa and Leonard fight each other outside. After the fight is over, Leonard explains Lisa that it is not about being a powerful leader but about the score and, as a new fourth rule, about the family of Rogues. But before they can discuss their future, King Grodd and his army arrive in Central City.


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A Lot of Answer and More Questions 0

This is a well written annual although I personally preferred the last few issues of the main series and had a lot more expectation from this comic. It has some amazing art from different artist some better than other, but it's a shame how Manapul didn't do any art himself.This annual is in chapters cutting the story down, with the first few being some back story. The first chapter is Flash is remembering the time he spent with his father whilst attending an attempt to break the world land speed...

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Flash should slow down 0

I have never been a fan of the Flash. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean that I don't like the Flash - He was cool in the Justice League cartoon (Wally West) but I had never picked up a Flash comic book, until the New 52.The first thing that grabbed me was the beautiful artwork - the kind you want to hang on your wall. Next, I was captivated by the writing and character development. I had asked, what could be interesting about a guy that moves super fast? Like Superman, his power seemed too great....

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Showdown with The Rogues 0

This Annual caps off The Rogues arc in a spectacular fashion, both completing one story and leaving you anxiously waiting for the next one to start.The Good:The Art. The annual has features the contributions of many great artists including a few pages by Scott Kolins (both appropriate and greatly appreciated).While they might not play around as much as Manupal they are both effective and competent.The series really did pick up after what some may say was the lackluster "Mob Rule" arc starting wi...

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