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The Flash #8

Writing 4.5/5

Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato did a great job in the writing of the this book. The feel of being inside the speed force was very well conveyed and the origin story of Turbine was very interesting. Despite the excellence of this book, I did have some slight problems with it. I felt like the fights with Turbine felt forced. The second fight especially, first of all, felt like it added nothing to the story, but also, felt like it was started for no reason. Also Turbine felt very weak. His powers were cool but he was taken down very easily. This is not necessarily and could be a way of showing that The Flash is very powerful, but I felt like the fight could have been tougher. Besides these things, the writing was great and I look forward to the next issue.

Art 5/5

Francis Manapul's art style continues to fit perfectly with this series. The way the art makes the speed force feel was great. Buccellato's colors are amazing in this again and his style goes perfectly with Manapul's. I loved how the Turbine flashback was slightly grayed and how the speed force looked, especially with the images of Barry's life. In addition there is and amazing double page spread of The Flash and Turbine walking around in the speed force that I though was amazing.

Cover 4/5

I was very iffy about this cover, it was good and I loved the way The Flash was dissolving, but I felt like I've seen something like this before. Oh wait, I have! Issue #6 feels and looks almost identical, just with a different villain, and that was possibly one of the worst covers for this series. Now that's not saying much when you have covers as great as issues #' 3 and 4, but this just did not stand out. I do like the way it illustrates Turbine and his tornado. As a whole the cover was good, but not great. I do very much like the variant though.

Decision 4.5/5

This issue was great but not without flaws. The art of this series continues to be amazing and for me it really keeps this book near the top of the New 52. This is not to say that the writing is bad though. On the contrary, it is very good and the stories that these two are making are getting better and better. I love that they are redoing the rogues and adding new members. The concept of being inside the speed force and that things are being sucked out of existence is great. Hopefully this comic continues to be great and if so, we can continue to expect amazing things from THE FLASH.

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