The Flash #74

    The Flash » The Flash #74 - Trust released by DC Comics on March 1, 1993.

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    "The Return of Barry Allen" part 1! Barry Allen has apparently returned from the dead, but his successor--current Flash Wally West--is somewhat skeptical. Regardless, the two speedsters must team up to prevent an assassination attempt on a mob boss!

    Wally and Linda West, Jay and Joan Garrick and Hal Jordan are having a New Years Eve party when Barry Allen, who is suppose to be dead shows up at their door. After Hal's ring proves it is Barry, he explains that a week ago he found himself in Central City lost and confused and it wasn't until he saw the Flash Museum that he knew who he was. Hal believes him but needs to go, promising that Barry being back would be a secret. After Hal leaves Barry sees the Pied Piper on the street and attacks him. Barry has to explain to Barry that the Piper is now a good guy and that things have changed. He is about to explain more but Wally gets a call that there is a hit on "Handsome Jack" Giacomo. Barry and Wally leave Jay behind and rush to help.

    The two Flashes catch the three hit-men and save Handsome Jack, but Wall is still unsure if he is truly happy that Barry is back and if he even believes it is Barry. Before they take the hit-men to jail Barry freaks out and leaves Wally. Barry runs to Iris's grave and apologizes that only he came back, this is where Wally finds him and tells him that now he trusts Barry again.


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