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Professor Zoom is back, and he’s not alone! Who’s along for the ride to kill the fastest man alive? Find out here!

NOTE: Joker appears on variant cover only.

The Flash fights Lummox, but he is distracted by Professor Zoom and Lummox gets the upper hand.

Earlier that day, Barry and his roommate Hartley, the former Pied Piper, discuss their living arrangements. Then Barry goes to see his father, Henry Allen, but the meeting doesn't go well when Barry mentions Thawne's name. Henry tells Barry never to say that name and leaves the meeting. Then while heading back to his cell Henry has a run in with Double Down. Elijah, one of the guards comes to Henry's rescue. When Henry gets back to his cell he tells his roommates, Grinder, Mogul and Black Mold that they are escaping.

Meanwhile, back in Central City, Barry tells Captain Frye that he has a lead on his father's case, but the Captain reacts strange at the good news. Before Barry can figure out whats going on, a call comes in that a meta is attacking a jewelry store. This brings everything back to The Flash fighting Lummox. The Flash is able to defeat Lummox by taking away his ability to breath.

That night, Henry and his cell mates escape Iron Heights. While on the run, Henry reveals that he plans to take down Professor Zoom.

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