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Central City Police Captain, Darryl Frye, issues an arrest warrant for the fugitive Flash. The Flash's defense attorney, Cecile Horton, pays a visit to his parents, Doctor Henry and Nora Allen. The Flash's Rogues Gallery, imprisoned by Professor Zoom, are left to perish in a rapidly shrinking glass case. Stripped of all their signature weapons, their fate seems sealed. Fortunately, Professor Zoom missed the Mirror Master's special mirrored contact lenses. The Mirror Master focuses a laser through his lenses, destroying the Rogues' prison. Free at last, the Rogues immediately begin plotting their revenge. The Flash continues his conversation with juror, Nathan Newbury, at the courthouse.

Professor Zoom attacks, leveling the courthouse with a missile strike. Grabbing Newbury, the Flash vibrates their molecules into intangibility, slipping beneath the Earth to escape the blast. As soon as the Flash, with Newbury, surface, a police officer attempts to arrest the Flash. The Flash flees with Newbury. Onlookers mistakenly blame the Flash, for the destruction of the courthouse. Worse, they also believe that the Flash has abducted Newbury. The Flash realizes that continuing to smear his public reputation was the real purpose behind Professor Zoom's attack. The Rogues make their way back to Central City. The Flash, with Newbury, visits his parents.

The Rogues call on famed tailor, Paul Gambi, to outfit them with new costumes. Saying his goodbyes, the Flash, with Newbury, travel to the 25th Century, in pursuit of Professor Zoom. The Rogues raid the Flash Museum, taking out it's curator, Dexter Myles. Combining their scientific acumen, the Rogues manage to work the Flash's Cosmic Treadmill, sending them forward in time, to the 25th Century. The Flash discovers that there are no historical records indicating that Professor Zoom ever came back from the dead. The Flash, with Newbury, continue their investigation at Professor Zoom's laboratory. There they trigger a booby-trap, which almost kills them.

Though they are able to narrowly escape death, all possible evidence in the laboratory has been destroyed. Fortunately, a witness is found, who saw the man who, previously, broke into Professor Zoom's laboratory. A memory probe of the witness reveals that the resurrected "Professor Zoom" has actually been Abra Kadabra all along. The Flash, with Newbury, travel to the 64th Century, in pursuit of Abra Kadabra. The Rogues' investigation, into the ruins of Professor Zoom's laboratory, also put them on the trail of Abra Kadabra. The Flash, and Newbury, are ambushed by Abra Kadabra, and rendered unconscious. Abra Kadabra reveals that his entire plot revolves around a wager.

To win, Abra Kadabra needs to keep the Flash in the 64th Century, for the next several hours, to irrevocably alter the Flash's fate, and history. While imprisoned by Abra Kadabra, the Flash begins to suspect the truth about Newbury.The Rogues storm Abra Kadabra's stronghold, immediately falling into a trap. Working together, the Mirror Master, and Captain Boomerang, manage to free the Flash, and Newbury. The Flash returns the favor, by freeing the Rogues. The Rogues level their weapons, in unison, blasting through to Abra Kadabra's command center. Abra Kadabra flees, only to be taken down by the Flash.

Abra Kadabra's assistant, Snurff, pleads with the Flash to remain in the 64th Century a while longer, to no avail. The Flash returns the Rogues to the 20th Century, but allows them to go their own way. With Abra Kadabra's brainwashing of the jurors of the Flash's trial revealed, the Flash is acquitted of all charges. The Flash, though, never returns to the 20th Century. From the 64th Century, the Flash journeys to the 30th Century, to pay a visit to his late wife's parents. There the Flash learns how, upon her death, Iris West Allen's soul was drawn back to the 30th Century, where her family had it placed in a new body. It was West who journeyed back to the 20th Century, taking possession of Newbury's body, to aid the Flash during his trial. At long last, the Flash and West are reunited, to resume their happy lives as husband and wife.


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