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Captain Invincible hands the Flash a miniature camera, which has captured incontrovertible proof, that Professor Zoom is back from the dead. At police headquarters, the film is developed, and the Flash is taken aback at the photographic evidence before his eyes. The jurors in the Flash's murder trial deliberate the case, striving for a verdict. The seeming disappearance of the Mirror Master, the Weather Wizard, and Captain Cold makes the evening news. The Flash awaits the verdict with his parents, Doctor Henry and Nora Allen.

Police Captain Darryl Frye, meets with the Flash's defense attorney, Cecile Horton. Frye tries to convince Horton that the Reverse Flash is back from the dead. Captain Boomerang, fleeing the scene of his latest robbery, is taken out by Professor Zoom. The jurors cast their votes. The Rainbow Raider, fleeing the scene of his latest art theft, is taken out by Professor Zoom. The jurors are deadlocked. Half of them believe the Flash is innocent. The other half believe the Flash is guilty. Frye shows Horton that all the information, regarding the Flash's Rogues Gallery, has been erased from the police data base.

Dissatisfied with his fellow jurors inability to see the truth, Nathan Newbury, takes them all back, in time, to the day the Flash killed Professor Zoom. The jurors bear witness to the very crime they have been tasked with judging. Newbury reveals the Flash's secret identity to the jurors, that of police forensics scientist, Barry Allen. With a deeper understanding of the Flash's state of mind, the jurors unanimously come to the conclusion that the Flash is innocent. En route back to the present, Newbury, and the jurors, are accosted by Professor Zoom.

Pulling out a magic wand, Professor Zoom dispatches Newbury, then takes his place among the jurors. "Newbury", using the magic wand, mesmerizes the other jurors, forcing them to declare the Flash guilty of murdering the Reverse Flash.The Flash is summoned to the courthouse, for the reading of the verdict. Acting as the foreman of the jury, "Newbury" declares the Flash guilty as charged.

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