The Flash #347

    The Flash » The Flash #347 - Back From the Dead! released by DC Comics on July 1, 1985.

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    Police Captain, Darryl Frye, calls on the Flash's defense attorney, Cecile Horton. Frye is beaten and bruised. Frye recounts an incredulous story, regarding his encounter with the deceased super-villain, Professor Zoom. Frye had chased a purse snatcher into a blind alley, only to find the Reverse Flash standing over the crook's unconscious form. At super-human speed, Professor Zoom beat Frye into unconsciousness. The Mirror Master has just completed the finishing touches on his newest hideaway. Suddenly his colossal solar mirror shatters into millions of shards, heralding an attack by Professor Zoom.

    A second story man, Mickey P. Soames, attempts to rob Nathan Newbury, one of the jurors in the Flash's trial. Newbury seizes control of Soames' mind, compelling Soames to turn himself in to the officers, who stand watch outside Newbury's room. Horton puts the Flash on the stand. The Flash recounts his side of the story, regarding the events surrounding his accidental killing of the Reverse Flash. District Attorney, Anton Slater, puts forth the idea that the Flash, in saving the life of Fiona Webb, took it as an opportunity to rid himself of his nemesis.

    Frye visits his brother, Doctor Dwight Frye, for adjustments to his pacemaker. The experimental pacemaker his brother fitted him with, allows Frye to greatly increase his strength and stamina. Though his brother warns him against using the pacemaker at those levels, Frye is undeterred. The Weather Wizard is in the midst of an armored car robbery, when the Trickster steals the loot out from under him. The Weather Wizard brings the Trickster down with a storm cloud. As the cloud dissipates, Professor Zoom reveals his presence. Professor Zoom quickly puts down the Weather Wizard.

    Horton offers her final summation to the jurors. Frye resurrects his costumed identity, "Captain Invincible". Slater offers his final summation to the jurors. While the jurors deliberate over the verdict, Horton tells the Flash about Frye's supposed encounter with Professor Zoom. Fearing that Frye might do something rash, like resuming his masked identity, the Flash races to Frye's home. Frye's wife sends the Flash to Frye's brother. Doctor Frye explains his brother's "Cardio-Power" to the Flash, unaware that his brother is actually using that power as a costumed vigilante.

    Captain Invincible's stakeout of a new jewelry store bears fruit, when Captain Cold arrives to rob it. Before Captain Invincible can swing into action, Professor Zoom reveals his presence. Captain Cold is quick to flash-freeze Professor Zoom, but the Reverse Flash is even quicker. After beating Captain Cold into unconsciousness, Professor Zoom confronts Captain Invincible. The Reverse Flash kicks Captain Invincible off the roof. The Flash arrives just in time to save Captain Invincible, from hitting the pavement. Captain Invincible hands the Flash the film from his hidden helmet camera, providing incontrovertible proof that Professor Zoom is, indeed, back from the dead.


    • Captain Invincible is erroneously called "Captain Incredible" throughout this issue. Cary Bates was notorious for using the wrong name for various recurring characters, throughout his long run as the writer on the Flash. Just one of the many reasons why writers should not be allowed to be their own editors.

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