The Flash #346

    The Flash » The Flash #346 - Dead Man's Bluff released by DC Comics on June 1985.

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    Convinced that the Flash is really missing police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, defense attorney, Cecile Horton, unmasks the Flash, in open court. The face Horton reveals, however, is not that of Barry Allen. A tabloid reporter is quick to photograph the Flash's unmasked face, but the Flash is even quicker in pulling his mask back down. Fiona Webb, Allen's bride-to be, has an emotional collapse, during the unmasking, brought on by the belief that the long-missing Allen was present. Horton's epic blunder threatens to completely derail any chance the Flash has at an acquittal. Horton discuses her mistake with her assistant, Dwayne.

    Horton had spied on the home of Allen's parents, Doctor Henry and Nora. Horton saw Mrs. Allen handing the Flash's costume to a man Horton presumed was Allen. It never occurred to Horton that the Flash might just be a close personal friend of the Allens. The Flash checks on Webb, at the Breedmore Mental Hospital. Despite her relapse at the courthouse, Webb seems to be recovering quickly. If the mere mention of Allen's name is enough to send Webb into another nervous breakdown, Webb's doctor hopes that the long missing Allen never appears again. During rounds, the Breedmore medical staff checks on their most famous patient, Hartley Rathaway, the notorious Pied Piper.

    As part of his therapy, Rathaway has been asked to overhaul the hospital public address system. Rathaway's sonic "improvements" to the system, allow him to render the entire hospital staff, as well as all the patients, unconscious. Rathaway dons his costume, then departs the hospital.The Pied Piper's escape is stopped by Professor Zoom. The sight of the, supposedly, dead Reverse Flash shatters the Pied Piper's already fragile mind. The Breedmore medical staff awake to find the Pied Piper back in his cell, laughing hysterically. The Flash has a private conversation with Horton. The Flash reveals that Horton was, in fact, correct. The Flash is Barry Allen.

    After an attack from Big Sir destroyed his face, the Flash ran to Gorilla City, where his injuries were treated, and he was given a new countenance. The Flash decided not to restore his original features, feeling that, for all intents and purposes, regardless of the outcome of the trial, his life as Barry Allen was over. The Flash asks Horton not to reveal his secret identity, regardless of whether or not said knowledge would win his court case. Wishing to spare Webb any further distress, the Flash deems it necessary to allow "Allen" to remain absent. A chartered bus, carrying the twelve jurors of the Flash's trial, is knocked into the river.

    Only one juror, Nathan Newbury, doesn't panic. Newbury seems absolutely certain the jurors will not perish. The Flash rescues the jurors, without ever letting on that he was involved in saving them. A purse thief has the misfortune of stealing a woman's bag right in front of Police Captain, Darryl Frye. Captain Frye gives chase, cornering the thief in an alley. As Frye rounds the corner, he finds himself face to face with Professor Zoom. The Reverse Flash has beaten the thief into unconsciousness. Turning the crook over to Frye, Professor Zoom passes along a death threat, for the Flash.


    • "Guest Meanwhile.." "Ben Oda Remembered" a tribute to Ben Oda by Andrew Helfer.

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