The Flash #341

    The Flash » The Flash #341 - Trial and Tribulation released by DC Comics on January 1, 1985.

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    District Attorney, Anton Slater, drops the Manslaughter charge against the Flash. Slater, instead, files a new charge against the Flash, Second-Degree Murder. The Mirror Master pulls off a daring daytime robbery. His is one of five, of the Flash's Rogues Gallery, to commit crimes in the last several hours. The Trickster learns of the new charges brought against the Flash, and that the Flash is still alive. Defense Attorney, Cecile Horton, calls Ralph Dibny, the world famous Elongated Man, to the stand. Horton asks Dibny to give his account of the events surrounding Professor Zoom's death.

    Slater counters Dibny's account, by asking Dibny to identity the dye color of a fired bullet. When Dibny cannot, Slater argues that Dibny, as well as all the other eyewitnesses, could not have truly seen what occurred between the Flash and Professor Zoom. At the velocity the two combatants were moving, they would have been, essentially, invisible to the naked eye. Big Sir liberates some dogs from the dogcatcher. The Trickster convenes with his fellow Rogues. Slater calls Fiona Webb to the stand. Through Webb, Slater establishes that the Flash showed no feelings of remorse over killing Professor Zoom.

    Horton redirects, by having Webb acknowledge that, at the time the Flash was consoling Webb, he had no knowledge that Professor Zoom had died. Private Investigator, Sidney Dithers, questions the groundskeeper at a local cemetery, regarding Horton's visits to the gravesite of John "Jack" O"Malley. Dithers learns that O'Malley was Horton's father. Big Sir storms the Animal Shelter to liberate more animals. He is greeted by Captain Boomerang and the Trickster, disguised as employees at the shelter. The Weather Wizard ambushes Big Sir, rendering him unconscious with a lightning strike.

    The Trickster brainwashes Big Sir, with his Mesmeratron, into hating the Flash. The first day of the trial does not go well for the Flash. As Horton, and the Flash, exit out of the rear of the courthouse, Big Sir attacks. Caught flat-footed, the Flash takes a brutal blow across the face. Horton urges the Flash to run, to escape from Big Sir. The Scarlet Speedster races away, moving too fast for Big Sir to follow. The Flash collapses, from his injuries, and is discovered by some youths playing catch. One of the boys unmasks the Flash, and is horrified at the pulped visage he finds behind the mask.


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