The Flash #339

    The Flash » The Flash #339 - Warday! released by DC Comics on November 1984.

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    1. Cover by Carmine Infantino and Klaus Janson.
    2. "Warday!" written by Cary Bates, penciled by Carmine Infantino, inked by Frank McLaughlin, colored by Carl Gafford and lettered by Ben Oda.

    The Flash's Rogues Gallery have abducted a mentally-handicapped monster of a man, and outfitted him with armor and armaments. The Rogues dub him "Big Sir". The Trickster, using the Flash's boots, stolen from the Flash Museum, sets up a false trail, seemingly left by the Flash. Upon waking, Big Sir sees the five Rogues laid out, unconscious, before him. Defense Attorney, Cecile Horton, interviews Doctor Henry and Nora Allen. The Allens recount their perception of the series of events that led up to the Flash killing Professor Zoom, the notorious Reverse Flash.

    At the Breedmore Mental Hospital, the Flash speaks with Hartley Rathaway's doctor. Rathaway, as the Pied Piper, suffered a complete nervous breakdown, during his last confrontation with the Flash. The doctor assures the Flash, that the Scarlet Speedster had nothing to do with Rathaway's condition. Rathaway was, clearly, a ticking time bomb.The Flash inquires about the hospital escapee, Dufus P. Ratchet. Unbeknownst to the Flash, Ratchet was abducted by Captain Cold, and cast in the role of Big Sir, by the Rogues. The Rogues explain the situation to Big Sir.

    The Rogues had been in battle with the Flash, when Big Sir came to their rescue. The Flash got the better of Big Sir, then took down the Rogues. Upon leaving the battlefield, the Flash trampled a small mouse. The death of the tiny rodent enrages Big Sir. After burying the mouse, Big Sir vows to punish the Flash for his callous actions. A psychic, Norris Dreed, using a ring, once worn by long-missing police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, believes he can find Allen. Dreed calls Police Captain, Darryl Frye, to report on his progress.

    The Rogues scour Central City, in search of the Flash. The Weather Wizard keeps Big Sir obscured, by a torrential rainstorm, to maintain the element of surprise. On board the Monitor's satellite, Lyla, and the Monitor, discuss the Rogues' novel usage of the armor, and armaments, provided to them, by the Monitor. Horton, and the District Attorney, begin selecting jurors, for the Flash's upcoming manslaughter trial. The Flash confronts Captain Cold. The Rogues rush to get Big Sir into the fight. To fuel Big Sir's fury, and hatred for the Flash, the Weather Wizard shows Big Sir a photograph.

    The picture shows the Flash "grave robbing" the mouse's corpse from Big Sir's burial mound. Just as the Flash punches Captain Cold into unconsciousness, Big Sir arrives on the scene. Big Sir floors the Flash with a spiked energy ball. Unable to vibrate away from the spiked energy balls, the Flash takes refuge behind a wall. Big Sir punches through the wall, knocking the Flash unconscious. The Rogues watch, gleefully, as Big Sir leaps into the air with the Flash's body. Big Sir intends to take the Flash somewhere private, where he can punish the Flash with no interruptions.


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