The Flash #329

    The Flash » The Flash #329 - What Is The Sinister Secret Of... Simian & Son? released by DC Comics on January 1, 1984.

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    A patrol car responds to a mugging. The "victim", however, is revealed to be the Super-Gorilla, Grodd. After traumatizing the officers' minds, Grodd, along with his associates, the Vultures, steal the patrol car. Grodd uses his force of mind power to cast an illusion around himself, as well as the car, so as not to attract undue attention. Superman casts the deciding vote, regarding the Flash's continued membership, in the Justice League of America. Superman votes to allow the Flash to stay in the Justice League of America. Famed trial lawyer, N. D. Redik, arrives in Central City, fueling media speculation that he will be representing the Flash, in the Scarlet Speedster's upcoming trial. The Flash rescues attorney, Peter Farley, whose car has careened off a cliffside.

    The Flash was en route to Farley's law offices, to hire him as his defender. Farley is honored to be representing the Flash in court. The media report on a grass roots fund drive to contribute money to the Flash's defense. One enthusiastic supporter, Angelo Torres, is participating out of gratitude for the Flash, who saved Torres' mother. Torres is approached, and abducted by Dirk, one of the Vultures. Torres is brought before Grodd, who plans to use Torres, in his latest gambit against the Flash. Doctor Henry Allen, and his wife, Nora, visit Fiona Webb, at the hospital. Webb suffered a total emotional breakdown, when the Allen's son, Barry, left her standing at the altar, on their wedding day. Webb seems greatly recovered, until the Allens give her a photograph of their son.

    Webb begins smacking her head with the framed picture, breaking the glass. Orderlies restrain and sedate Webb. Police forensics scientist, Patty Spivot, collects Barry Allen's personal effects, from the workplace. Police Captain, Darryl Frye, decides to personally hold onto Allens' ring, for safekeeping. Farley sets the Flash up with a place to stay, for the duration of the trial. Redik is outraged to hear that the Flash has hired a small town attorney. Torres gives his mother attitude, imaging that he uses the power Grodd bestowed on him, to kill her. Torres is shaken by the violent daydream, but Grodd's presence, in his mind, soothes the young boy. The Flash carves the words "Why Me?" in the sand. It is a plea to God, bemoaning the terrible state of affairs that have irrevocably altered the Flash's entire life.


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