The Flash #325

    The Flash » The Flash #325 - DEAD RECKONING!/"Warning:Danger Ahead!" released by DC Comics on September 1, 1983.

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    Dead Reckoning

    Picture News reporter, Sue Stanton, reports on the death of Professor Zoom, the notorious Reverse Flash. Stanton interviews several guesst of the Allen-Webb wedding party, all witnesses to Professor Zoom's untimely demise. Away from reporters, inside the wedding chapel, the Flash tries to console the former bride-to-be, Fiona Webb. The Flash, as police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, had been forced to leave Webb standing at the altar, while he confronted his nemesis, Professor Zoom. Detective Frank Curtis confiscates the wedding video, as police evidence. The emotional toll of the day bears down heavily upon Webb. The Flash races her to a nearby hospital, where she suffers a complete emotional collapse.

    Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang steal Professor Zoom's body from the police morgue. The Trickster steals Professor Zoom's costume from the police evidence lockup. The Rogues escape police pursuit in a giant flying boomerang. District Attorney, Anton Harvey, reviews the tape of Professor Zoom's death, at the hands of the Flash. To assuage his guilty conscience over being forced to kill Professor Zoom, the Flash steps up his lifesaving efforts in Central City. Kid Flash aids the Flash in stopping an experimental jet from crashing. Kid Flash convinces the Flash to take a respite. The Flash, as Allen, calls the hospital to check on Webb's condition. The Pied Piper, and the Weather Wizard, join the other Rogues in paying their last respects to Professor Zoom.

    The Rogues are outraged that Professor Zoom would allow himself to be slain at the hands of the Flash, in full view of the public. The Rogues vent their rage on Professor Zoom's corpse, and costume, by unleashing all their myriad weapons upon it, in unison. Harvey decides to bring criminal charges against the Flash. Moving faster than the eye can see, the Flash visits Webb. The Flash, as Allen, assures a revived Webb that his desire to marry Webb is true. Webb falls back asleep. Allen, as the Flash, responds to an urgent summons from the police. Webb awakes to find the doctor standing over her. He assures her that no one has been to see her. The Flash is placed under arrest for manslaughter.

    "Warning: Danger Ahead!"

    Wally West awaits the arrival of Jill Manners. The copter shuttle's landing struts buckle, upon landing, tilting it's rotor blades towards the crowd. Moving faster than the naked eye can see, West spins the blades so fast, centrifugal force launch them into the sky. The intense friction heat of the spinning blades reduces them to ash. Manners, it turns out, was not on the copter shuttle. West and Manners retire to a coffee shop, where Manners reveals she has developed the power of precognition. Manners suddenly bolts from the coffee shop. West follows, as Kid Flash.

    A stolen car comes barreling around the corner, jeopardizing people on the street. Kid Flash generates a wall of compressed air, at super-human speed, directly in front of the car. Kid Flash, as West, catches up with Manners. West takes Manners to Inferno, a local Punk Rock club. When Manners refuses to enter, West, as Kid Flash heads in to discern the problem. Suddenly, the ceiling begins to collapse. Kid Flash protects the crowds from the falling debris, given them time to evacuate without injury. Kid Flash, as West, promises to help Manners develop her newfound abilities.


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