The Flash #323

    The Flash » The Flash #323 - "Run Flash--Run For Your Wife!"/All Demons, Adieu! released by DC Comics on July 1, 1983.

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    "Run Flash--Run For Your Wife!"

    On board the Justice League of America satellite, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, expresses his incredulity over the Flash's upcoming wedding, to Wonder Woman. The Flash, as police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, meets with his parents, Doctor Henry and Nora Allen. Allen shows his parents the ring, then prepares to get ready for the wedding. A Guardian of The Universe appears before Allen. The Guardian informs Allen that Professor Zoom, the notorious Reverse Flash, has escaped. Allen resolves to take down Professor Zoom, once and for all. Allen's parents are startled to find Allen has left, without getting dressed for the wedding. Allen reflects on his last encounter with Professor Zoom.

    The Reverse Flash had murdered Allen's then wife, Iris West Allen. At the end of their inevitable conflict, Professor Zoom had been left marooned in a timeless limbo, seemingly for all eternity. Now, four years later, Professor Zoom was back. His first act, to murder the protege of the master assassin, Sabre-Tooth, in effect declaring that only he, Professor Zoom, had the right to slay the Flash. Allen, as the Flash begins his manhunt for Professor Zoom at the Flash Museum. There, Professor Zoom has left a recorded message for the Flash, teasing his whereabouts. Ralph Dibny, the world famous Elongated Man, arrives at the wedding ceremony, in his own inimitable style. Dibny is introduced to the other wedding guests.

    The Bride-To-Be, Fiona Webb, can hardly believe how happy she is. After scouring all the obvious places, the Flash finally realizes where Professor Zoom must be hiding. The wedding guests begin to wonder why the proceedings are starting so late, The Flash catches up with Professor Zoom, at the Flash's old house, the one he shared with his wife, Iris. The house is literally torn asunder by the battle between the Flash and his nemesis, Professor Zoom. Webb is in tears, believing that Allen has left her at the alter. Allen's parents attempt to convince Webb that Allen will be there. Meanwhile, the Flash continues his pitched battle with Professor Zoom.

    All Demons, Adieu!

    Ligget, a giant thug, has the drop on the Creeper. Ligget's shadow, however, gives him away, allowing the Creeper to elude Ligget's blow. The Creeper fights back, knocking Ligget over a stair railing, presumably to his death. A pair of television producers spy crime boss, Wesley Winterborn III, arriving at the Kraken Institute. Winterborn III, horribly mutated, has come for a cure to his condition, before his body, literally, dissolves. The producers are found, and taken captive by Winterborn III's henchmen.

    The administrator of the Kraken Institute, Kris Kraken, himself horribly mutated, decides to end his association with Winterborn III. One of the thugs guns down Kraken. The Creeper bursts into the room, and beats down the henchmen. A dying Kraken presses the button on a detonator, that destroys the Kraken Institute, killing all within. Only the Creeper survives the devastation.


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