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"A Slight Touch Of Death!"

The Flash and Captain Invincible are falling to their deaths. Captain Invincible frantically slaps the Flash, mid-fall, to rouse him from his unconscious state. With less than a second before impact, the Flash slings Captain Invincible's cape around a flag pole, stopping their descent. The Flash races Captain Invincible to a secluded location, so that they may speak privately. Despite Captain Invincible's demonstration of his "cardio power", the Flash asks him to leave the apprehension of the Eradicator to the Flash. In a cave on the outskirts of Central City,Senator Creed Phillips tells Fiona Webb how he became the Eradicator.

Phillips' tough stance on crime garnered the attention of the underworld, which opted to assassinate Phillips. After abducting Phillips, his body was thrown into a hole, filled with stolen plutonium. Instead of killing Phillips, the plutonium endowed him with horrific power, while also raising a new personality culled from Phillips' subconscious. Creed's subconscious personality became the murderous vigilante, the Eradicator. The Flash continues to scour the city for any trace of Phillips, or his hostage, Fiona Webb. The Eradicator sends a package, for the Flash, to Central City police headquarters.

Police Captain, Darryl Frye, opens the package, then heads out to confront the Eradicator, as Captain Invincible. An explosion, generated by jewel thieves, imperils the lives of innocent bystanders, from the threat of falling glass. The Flash rescues the civilians, while continuing his search for Phillips. On Oa, the Guardians of the Universe dispatch a Green Lantern to Earth, to deliver urgent news to the Flash. Captain Invincible confronts the Eradicator. Captain Invincible's high intensity energy weapon proves futile against the Eradicator.

The Flash discovers the opened package, sent to him, by the Eradicator. The Eradicator seemingly disintegrates Captain Invincible. In reality, moving far faster than the naked eye can see, the Flash wrenched Captain Invincible out of the Eradicator's grasp, and also out of his costume. The Flash then filled the empty costume with super-fine dust, to create the illusion that Captain Invincible had been killed by the Eradicator. The effort has left the Flash too weak to immediately engage the Eradicator. Frye agrees to stay out of the coming fight. Green Lantern, Tomar Re, arrives on Earth with the Guardian's message for the Flash.

"Turnabout Is Deadly Play!"

Thanks to the regenerative effects of Professor Yatz's serum, the Creeper has survived a volley of point blank machine gun fire. After dragging himself out of the Charles River, the Creeper, as television news anchorman, Jack Ryder, returns to work. Ryder makes note of his boss, H.J. Hannigan, having a heated discussion with an elderly doctor. Ryder, as the Creeper, returns $20,000.00 to a Doctor Baker. The Creeper mistakenly believes the money was taken from Baker in return for mob "protection". In reality, the money was to be paid to Baker, for signing blank prescriptions. Baker contacts the mob boss, Wesley Winterborn III, to relay the Creeper's involvement.

Before the Creeper's investigation can reach Winterborn III, a hit is put out on Baker. The Creeper arrives too late to prevent the assassination attempt on Baker. The doctor, however, survives. The Creeper learns of the doctor's involvement with the mob. For failing to kill Baker, Winterborn III puts out a contract to asssassinate Tom "Thumbs" Tamblin. The Creeper prevents Tamblin's execution, then turns Tamblin over to the police. The officers, however, are working for Winterborn III. As soon as the Creeper has departed, the officers execute Tamblin. The Creeper, as Ryder, reports on Baker's connection to the mob, as well as Tamblin's execution. Hannigan's son is arrested, for trying to fill one of the fraudulent prescriptions.

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