The Flash #312

    The Flash » The Flash #312 - "Dead Heat For A Scarlet Speedster!"/Blood On The Sun released by DC Comics on August 1, 1982.

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    "Dead Heat For A Scarlet Speedster!"

    Police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, visits his parents, in Fallville. Mick Rory, the notorious Heat Wave, clears a new job with his parole officer, Edward Hobart. En route to Central City, Allen, as the Flash, encounters an armored car robbery. The vehicle is under assault by a flying blowtorch. The Flash is seemingly incinerated by the robot weapon, after charging it. In reality, the Flash has vibrated his molecules to a state of intangibility, slipping beneath the ground, to follow the weapon back to it's controller. The Flash is forced to reveal himself, when the weapon jeopardizes a bus.

    Rather than risk further incidents in the city, the Flash vibrates the weapon into fragments. The Flash immediately suspects his old enemy Heat Wave to be the culprit behind the robbery, but Rory has an airtight alibi. Deeply suspicious, the Flash keeps a watchful eye on Rory. The Flash, as Allen, spies his beautiful neighbor, Fiona Webb, on the arm of another man. Webb has ended her romance with Allen, over her jealousy of Allen's friendship with movie star, Daphne Dean. Rory confronts his old cellmate, Wiley, revealing that Wiley is the man behind "Heat Wave's" latest crime spree.

    Wiley denies his role in the robbery, but the evidence against him is damning. Rory turns the stolen loot over to the police. At police headquarters, Allen conceals himself from Rory. In a previous encounter, Rory unmasked the Flash, but had no name to go with the face. Allen fears his secret identity will be revealed if Rory sees him. Hobart places Rory in a trance, and reveals that he, Hobart, is the true mastermind behind "Heat Wave's" crimes. Hobart framed Wiley for the robberies, but was unable to recover the loot before Rory had Wiley arrested.

    Hobart places a post-hypnotic command in Rory, in order to uses him as the scapegoat for Hobart's next "Heat Wave" crime. Allen receives a radio bulletin, regarding Heat Wave's robbery of the Centrix Diamond Exchange. Allen races to thwart the robbery, as the Flash. Upon arrival, the Flash finds the exchange filled with super-heated steam. The Flash apprehends "Heat Wave", only to suddenly collapse. A delayed reaction from exposure to the steam has started a chain reaction. igniting the molecules of the Flash's body.

    To save himself, the Flash uses his total molecular control, over the atoms of his own body, to begin shedding the igniting molecules. Rory, as Heat Wave, confronts Hobart, as "Heat Wave". Unbeknownst to Hobart, Rory taped their last hypnosis session, and discovered Hobart's scheme. Both men fire their weapons on one another, a tactic that threatens to kill them both. The Flash uses the last of his igniting molecules to diffurse the incendiary threat, and end the fight between the two Heat Waves. Rory reveals Hobarts' scheme to the Flash, and assures his old foe that the real Heat Wave has reformed.

    Blood On The Sun

    Doctor Fate is locked in combat with the Lord Of Chaos, Vandaemeon. Inza Nelson is locked in a passionate kiss with Vern Copeland, the curator of the Boston Museum of Natural History. Doctor Fate creates a mystic tether to Nelson. Momentarily freeing himself from Vandaemeon's grasp, Doctor Fate uses the tether to Nelson, to escape Vandaemeon's realm. Nelson immediately regrets her infidelity with Copeland. Nelson suddenly enters a trance-like state. As Doctor Fate re-enters the mortal realm, Copeland is hurled against the wall, by a powerful mystic force. Nelson angrily removes the Helmet of Fate, releasing her husband, Kent, from Nabu's control.

    Though Kent has only vague memories of his activities as Doctor Fate, he recalls enough to know that Nelson has been unfaithful. Kent confronts his wife, over her infidelity. Nelson lashes out at Kent, striking him, before collapsing in tears. Kent's dreams detail his latest adventure as Doctor Fate. When Kent awakes, he finds that Nelson has left him. Kent resumes his role as Doctor Fate. Exiting the Tower of Fate, Doctor Fate finds the sky replaced by an enormous blood-red jewel. From within the gemstone, Vandaemeon resumes his battle against Doctor Fate. Vandaemeon easily repels Doctor Fate's mystic attack. As Doctor Fate recovers, Vandaemeon's ally reveals himself. It is Ynar, the renegade Lord Of Order.



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