The Flash #307

    The Flash » The Flash #307 - Prey For The Piper/Twilight Of The Fifth Sun released by DC Comics on March 1, 1982.

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    Prey For The Piper

    The Pied Piper takes control over the minds of a helicopter crew. Their helicopter is carrying an enormous tribal gong, to the Centrex Museum. The Pied Piper orders the helicopter pilot to fly the gong into the steel skeleton, of an under-construction skyscraper. As luck would have it, police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, is on the street, and takes action, as the Flash. The gong is released into the center of the steel skeleton. As it impacts with the steel girders, a powerful sonic wave is released, incapacitating the steel workers. Vibrating at super-human speed, the Flash catches the gong, and vibrates it's molecules into intangibility.

    Letting go of the gong, it rematerializes around two steel girders, stopping it's fall. During the entire calamity, the Pied Piper has been recording the sonic waves of the gong. A Picture News reporter, Marcy Dunphy, is abducted, right outside of Central City police headquarters. Dunphy was gathering information on Henry Darrow, the Pied Piper. The Pied Piper collects the sonic waves given off by an avalanche. Dunphy's abductors turn out to be Hazel and Osgood Rathaway. The Flash is alerted to a robbery, at the Centrex Museum, being carried out by the Pied Piper. The Rathaways give Dunphy some history on their son, Hartley.

    Born deaf, the Rathaways spent untold sums on doctors to restore Hartley's hearing. Once accomplished, Hartley proved to have an aptitude for music. The Rathaways felt that young Hartley would add prestige to their name, perhaps by becoming a world-renouned symphony conductor. Hartley's interests, though, ran contrary to those dreams. The Flash easily penetrates the Pied Piper's sonic shield, surrounding the Centrex Museum. Upon doing so, however, the Flash's head starts ringing with the sound of a hundred bells. Momentarily incapacitated, the Flash is easy prey for the Pied Piper.

    Hartley learned he could control the minds of other by playing certain sonic frequencies. Longing for a real challenge in his life, Hartley took on the mantle of the Pied Piper, and embarked on a life of crime. The Rathaways spent a small fortune covering up their son's criminal identity, to protect their family name. going so far as to have Hartley's name legally changed to "Henry Darrow". The Pied Piper converts the Flash's body into pure sound. With the Flash defeated, the Pied Piper completes his robbery, and walks calmly out of the museum. Protected by a sonic force field, the Pied Piper has nothing to fear from the police officers surrounding the museum.

    The Rathaways abducted Dunphy, because her investigation was getting too close to uncovering the truth about the Rathaways' son. As if on cue, the Pied Piper enters the room. The Flash manages to hold himself together, long enough to ricochet off of several buildings, creating a series of echoes that eventually culminate in a sonic boom. Inexplicably, this action restores the Flash to normal. The Pied PIper turns his ill-gotten gains over to his parents, remittance for all the money they spent, trying to mold him into the man they wanted him to be. The Flash arrives and subdues the Pied Piper. The Rathaways break down. Dunphy's investigation has come to it's conclusion.

    Twilight Of The Fifth Sun

    Doctor Fate, and Inza Nelson, are being held captive by Totec, the Aztec God Of War. In reality, Totec is really Malferrazae, a Lord Of Chaos. Malferrazae mystically transports himself, and his captives, from the Boston Museum of Natural History to Mexico City. Malferrazae intend to bring about the destruction of the world, then to recreate it in his image.

    Malferrazae mystically transforms Mexico City, and it's populace, to the way it appeared 400 years ago, when Malferrazae last walked the Earth. Mexico City has become the Aztec city, Tenochtitlan. Malferrazae transports Doctor Fate to the Aztec city, Coatepec, to face Malferrazae's re-animated legions of undead. Nelson is allowed to watch Doctor Fate's struggle with Malferrazae's forces.

    Nelson silently berates herself for allowing her jealousy of her husband's shared life with the Lord Of Order, Nabu, as Doctor Fate, to bring them to this peril. Doctor Fate transforms the very sand beneath his feat into an epic monstrosity, that quickly subdues Malferrazae's legions. Drawn to Nelson's jealously, Malferrazae draws the powerful emotion from her, molding it into a horrific adversary, to send against Doctor Fate. As Nelson's jealousy is a part of her, should Doctor Fate destroy the creature, he will also be killing Nelson.


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad Batman in "The Canine Caper"

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