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    "Lisa Starts With L And That Stands For Lethal"

    Professor Henry Allen returns to his son's apartment. Police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, reveals to his father, that he is the Flash. The Flash attends a ceremony, honoring him with a commemorative statue. As soon as the statue is unveiled, it's bombarded with acid-filled jewels. With the statue rapidly dissolving, the Flash races after the culprit, the Golden Glider. Screams from the crowd turn the Flash back. Giant daggers plummet towards the innocent bystanders. After moving the onlookers to safety, the Flash generates an immense amount of friction heat, drawing the daggers towards him. At the last moment, the Flash vibrates into the ground, to avoid the impact.

    With the crowd cheering him on, the Flash closes in on the Golden Glider. As he grows near, the Flash starts to slow down. Then, before the outraged eyes of the crowd, the Flash passionately kisses the Golden Glider. The Flash then races off with the Golden Glider. Detective Frank Curtis spies Professor Henry Allen escorting a beautiful young woman around Central City. Curtis is shocked to discover that his best friend's father is having an affair. Unbeknownst to Curtis, the elder Allen is involved with Lisa Snart, the Golden Glider. Curtis tails the pair, surreptitiously taking photographs of them from afar. At home, Allen and his father, catch up on the news of the day.

    Central City has turned against the Flash, for cavorting about with a criminal like the Golden Glider. The elder Allen suggests that the Golden Glider might strike at a the opening of Jayston's Jewelry Mart. Allen, as the Flash, agrees to stake it out. The elder Allen contacts Snart, to inform her that the Flash has taken the bait. Snart, as the Golden Glider follows through on the robbery, but the Flash never shows. Across town, the Flash is kicking millions of pebbles, at super-human speed, over the city. The gravel barrage narrowly misses the Golden Glider. It is followed by gobs of hot tar, also churned up by the Scarlet Speedster.

    The Flash fills the air around the Golden Glider with powdered concrete. Plugging a hose into a nearby fire hydrant, the Flash brings the Golden Glider down, with a high-presssure jet of water. Mired in tar and gravel, with the concrete quickly setting in her uniform, the Golden Glider is subdued. A quick burst from the hose dislodges her mask, and the hypnotic jewel embedded in it, that the Golden Glider used to control the Flash. The Golden Glider is taken away by the proper authorities. Curtis' photographs confirm that Henry Allen is having an affair with a younger woman. At that moment, the elder Allen is inexplicably dressed in the costume of the Flash's deceased adversary, the Top. The elder Allen, believing himself to be the Top, vows to get his love, the Golden Glider, back.

    Invitation To Revelation

    Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, has tracked the Hyena back to Doreen Day's house. Uneasily, Firestorm sneaks into the Day household, to surreptitiously investigate the connection. Firestorm is disturbed by the decor of Summer Day's bedroom. Though Summer is a grown woman, her bedroom is decorated as if she were still a small child. Firestorm discovers Summer's diary. Before the Nuclear Man can decide on a course of action, the Hyena bursts into the room.

    Firestorm attempts to flee, flying out the window, but the Hyena catches him. With the Hyena clawing at him, Firestorm unleashes a powerful nuclear blast, that dislodges the Hyena from his person. Fearing he may have killed the Hyena, Firestorm pursues the falling body. With incredible acrobatic prowess, the Hyena doubles back and resumes the attack on Firestorm. This time it is the Nuclear Man who falls from up high, plummeting into the Harlem River. Firestorm's unconscious body surfaces, right in the path of an oncoming garbage scow.


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Batman in "Lights...Camera...Crime!"

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