The Flash #301

    The Flash » The Flash #301 - ... And the Beat Goes Off! / How Laughs the Hyena? released by DC Comics on September 1981.

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    ... And the Beat Goes Off!

    Police Captain Darryl Frye is abducted by a thug, hiding in the backseat of Frye's car. Police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, returns to the police laboratory, after an unexplained three day absence, to find that he has been fired. His assistant, Patty Spivot, is crestfallen. Allen receives word, from his father, Professor Henry Allen, that Allen's mother, Nora, has awoke from her coma. Allen rushes to the hospital to visit his mother. Spivot contacts Allen, informing him of Frye's abduction. Allen investigates, as the Flash. Eavesdropping outside the Fryes' window, the Flash learns that Frye has a pacemaker.

    At a medical supply company, the Flash finds out the specific type of pacemaker Frye has, then attunes his vibratory signature to the same frequency. The Flash runs down all the owners of that specific type of pacemaker, in a one hundred mile radius. After saving a construction worker from a falling girder, the Flash finally tracks the pacemaker signal back to Frye. The Flash discovers Frye in a catatonic state. After rounding up Frye's kidnappers, The Flash takes Frye to a hospital. Frye is given a clean bill of health and released.

    The Flash, as Allen, learns the identities of Frye's abductors, from Detective Frank Curtis. The identity of one man, that of nuclear terrorist Philo "Nukes" Malloy, troubles Allen. Allan theorizes that arresting Malloy may not have put a stop to his sinister deeds. Allen, as the Flash, whisks Frye away, from a demonstration of a new nuclear detection unit. The Flash reveals, to Frye, that Malloy installed a miniature nuclear explosive inside Frye's pacemaker. The explosive was set to detonate during the demonstration of the nuclear detection unit.

    Malloy hoped that the explosion would be blamed on a malfunction in the unit, thereby discrediting any future use of it. As the explosive detonates in Frye's chest, the Flash begins vibrating the molecules of both men, at super-human speed, into intangibility. The explosion passes harmlessly through them. The Flash informs Frye that Allen was instrumental in figuring out Malloy's scheme. In gratitude, Frye reinstates Allen on the police force. The Flash, as Allen, visits with his mother. Meanwhile, Allen's father, Henry, is locked in a passionate embrace with Lisa Snart, the notorious Golden Glider. Henry assures Snart that Allen will soon be dead.

    "How Laughs the Hyena?"

    The Hyena stalks the subways of New York City. Ronald Raymond and Doreen Day are en route to the movies, when Cliff Carmichael crashes their date. Raymond and Carmichael begin trading barbs, infuriating Day. The trio come across five street toughs, beating up a kid. Day insists they intervene. Carmichael flees the scene. Day draws the gang's attention. As they move in to assault Day and Raymond, they are attacked by the Hyena. After the gang has been brutally subdued by the Hyena, a pair of transit officers close in.

    The Hyena viciously mauls the transit officers, before leaping in front of a subway train. Raymond escorts Day home, then goes to consult with nuclear physicist, Professor Martin Stein. Raymond and Stein trigger the transformation that combines them into Firestorm, the Nuclear Man. Firestorm uses his atomic restructuring power to create an energy phantom from the Hyena's body heat residue. Firestorm follows the phantom Hyena back to Day's house. Firestorm is left with the chilling realization that the Hyena may be a member of the Day family.


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad "Wonder Woman vs the Robot Master"

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