The Flash #296

    The Flash » The Flash #296 - The Man Who Was Cursed to the Bone! released by DC Comics on April 1, 1981.

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    The Man Who Was Cursed to the Bone!

    Wealthy socialite, Sue Dibny asks police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, to look into the disappearance of her husband, Ralph Dibny, the world famous Elongated Man. Allen conducts his search, as the Flash. Scouring the city for the Elongated Man, the Flash encounters a police car, hijacked by three circus performers. While Hocus, the magician, distracts the Flash, Scrunch, the dwarf, hits the Flash with the "Hypno-Beeper". Hocus exercises his hypnotic control over the Flash, by having the Scarlet Speedster spin around in place. Moving at super-speed, the Flash becomes a living drill, burrowing down deep into the Earth. The Flash is able to angle his body back upward.

    Passing through a pocket of natural gas, however, cause the Flash to lose consciousness, upon reaching the surface. The circus performers turn over their stolen property, five milligrams of interferon, to their associate, Master Jero. Digging through their suitcases, Dibny discovers several newspaper clippings that may offer a clue, regarding the disappearance of her husband. The Elongated Man was trailing the Baxxum Brothers circus, as it toured through Europe. It's next destination... Central City. The Flash prowls around the fairgrounds, discovering the Elongated Man, catatonic, in a cage.

    The Flash, moving faster than the eye can see, trails the trio of circus performers to their next robbery. Dibny also discovers her husband, and kisses him passionately, in an attempt to break him from his trance. After robbing another S.T.A.R. Labs facility of it's supply of interferon, the circus thieves are confronted by the Elongated Man. The Elongated Man snatches the interferon away from the Fat Lady, Blubba, and ensnares the group in his elongated arm. Suddenly the Flash arrives, and wrests the circus thieves from the Elongated Man's grip. The Elongated Man winds himself around the Flash, only to be unraveled by the Flash's super-speed spinning.

    The Flash stops the fight, asking the Elongated Man to trust him. Master Jero distills a formula from the interferon, hoping to cure his neurofibromatosis. The potion, however, fails. The Elongated Man notes that Gingold extract is a part of Master Jero's formula. The Elongated Man offers to give Master Jero a blood transfusion, to transfer the Elongated Man's gingold-rich blood into Master Jero. The transfusion works, curing Master Jero of his neurofibromatosis. Though the circus thieves will have to stand trial for their crimes, the Flash and the Elongated Man will speak to the nobility of their motives, in the hopes of lightening their punishment.

    Rain Rain Go Away... Come to Kill Us Another Day!

    Over the South Pacific Ocean, Firestorm, the Nuclear Man squares off against the Human Typhoon. After striking Firestorm with a lightning bolt, the Human Typhoon attacks Captain Hunter's research vessel, sinking it. Firestorm rearranges the molecules of the ship wreckage into a serviceable raft for the crew. Firestorm tracks the Human Typhoon to Sydney, Australia. Firestorm attacks, only to be violently cast away. Following the advice of Professor Martin Stein's subconscious, Firestorm creates a massive iceberg beneath the Human Typhoon. Firestorm next creates an enormous fan. The combination of intense cold coupled with a change in the atmospheric pressure completely disrupts the Human Typhoon's physical body. His power dissipated, the Human Typhoon transforms back into David Drake, a young marine scientist.

    Note: This issue contains already prepared material that was a result of the DC Implosion from the series Firestorm.


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Wonder Woman in "Old Gold"



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