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    The Flash » The Flash #295 - "In Grodd We Trust!"/"By The Sea, By The Sea, By The Dangerous Sea!"" released by DC Comics on March 1, 1981.

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    "In Grodd We Trust!"

    Operation Worldwash has erased all knowledge, from the minds of the human race, regarding the existence of Gorilla City. Thus, a crowd of puzzled New Yorkers gaze upon the one time Gorilla City embassy, pondering the purpose of the facility. The only clue to it's former occupants, a trash bin full of banana peels. Police forensic scientist, Barry Allen, escorts his date, Fiona Webb, to the Central City Zoo. Allen is the only human being who has been allowed to keep his memories of Gorilla City, and it's advanced ape society. With the culture of the Western world no longer an influence on his people, King Solovar can finally sleep.

    In his dream, King Solovar wanders the Sahara Desert. Unexpectedly, he is attacked by the Flash. When the Flash pulls back his cowl, however, it is not the face King Solovar is accustomed to seeing. The Flash stamps the ground, at super-human speed, opening up a fissure beneath King Solovar. King Solovar uses his mental powers to break his fall, only to see the fissure collapse around him, burying him alive. King Solovar awakens, deeply troubled by the dream. While Allen sleeps, a sinister figure enters his bedroom, and tampers with his Flash Costume Ring. In Allen's dream, he is being pursued, in his guise as the Flash, by King Solovar.

    Using his mental powers, King Solovar impedes the Flash from using his full super-speed. King Solovar herds the Flash towards the Grand Canyon, then over a cliffside. King Solovar suspends the Flash in a tractor beam, then obliterates the Scarlet Speedster, with the power of his mind. Allen awakens, deeply troubled by his dream. King Solovar and Allen, as the Flash, meet in the Arctic, each believing the other summoned them there. In truth, their meeting has been engineered by the evil Super-Gorilla, Grodd. Due to Grodd's psychic conditioning, during their dreams, the Flash and King Solovar, upon seeing one another, are driven into a murderous fury.

    King Solovar throws up a psychic shield to brunt the Flash's charge, but the impact is so great that the Flash barrels right through it. King Solovar crushes the Flash in a death grip, while the Flash speeds up his molecules to generate tremendous friction heat, burning his opponent. Grodd maneuvers his craft in for a closer look, immediately getting caught in a super-speed whirlwind, generated by the Flash. Centrifugal forces tear Grodd's ships to pieces. As Grodd falls to the ground, King Solovar uses his psychic powers to freeze Grodd in a block of ice. In Gorilla City, King Solovar conducts a psychic examination of the Super-Gorilla.

    He learns that Grodd sabotaged Operation Worldwash so that it would also erase all knowledge of Grodd, not just from the human race, but from the intelligent apes of Gorilla City, as well. The "dreams" King Solovar and the Flash endured were actually real encounters with Grodd, masquerading as the two heroes in each encounter. Grodd's scheme was undone when the Flash realized that his "dream' had occurred far too slowly. Unbeknownst to Grodd, the Flash dreams in super-speed. Tipped off that something was afoot, the Flash contacted King Solovar. King Solovar mentally fortified them against Grodd's psychic manipulations, allowing them to win the day.

    "By The Sea, By The Sea, By The Dangerous Sea!"

    When Captain Hammer cuts the line to David Drake's bathysphere, Professor Martin Stein triggers the transformation into Firestorm, the Nuclear Man. Firestorm dives beneath the storm tossed waves, to retrieve the bathysphere. Firestorm guides the bathysphere back to the surface. Hammer, fearing for his position, shoots Drake, the moment the young scientist opens the hatch on the bathysphere. Enraged, Firestorm attacks Hammer, and all hands on Hammer's ship.

    Seawater, pouring in from the open hatch, flood the bathysphere. The electrical systems short out, electrocuting Drake. After shackling Hammer and his crew, Firestorm races back to the bathysphere, to check on Drake's condition. The bathysphere explodes, just as Firestorm reaches it. Rising up from the wreckage, on a column of wind and water, is Drake, now transformed into something more than a mere man. Aggressively, the creature that once was Drake, lashes out at Firestorm.

    Note: This issue contains already prepared material that was a result of the DC Implosion from the series Firestorm .


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad "Superman Saves the Weather Satellites!"



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