The Flash #294

    The Flash » The Flash #294 - The Fiend The World Forgot!/The Typhoon Is A Storm of The Soul released by DC Comics on February 1, 1981.

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    The Fiend The World Forgot!

    At the Gorilla City embassy, in New York, intelligent apes revel in Western culture. In Gorillas City, the Flash sits down with King Solovar, and his advisors, to discuss the situation. A trio of armed men storm the Gorilla City embassy. Taking the intelligent apes hostage, there men demand sophisticated weaponry from Gorilla City. When word reaches King Solovar, the Flash races back to the states. En route, the Flash takes time out to rescue a small cabin cruiser, caught in a violent squall, in the North Atlantic Ocean. Upon reaching the Gorilla City embassy, the Flash instantly disarms the terrorists. Their leader triggers an explosive, hidden in the Gorilla City embassy.

    In literally one second flat, the Flash finds and disposes of the explosive, before it can detonate. A man named William Dawson is discovered in Grodd's prison cell. The ape sentries release Dawson, and inform King Solovar that, once again, the Super-Gorilla has escaped. In the arctic, near the Earth's North Magnetic Pole, King Solovar initiates Operation Worldwash. King Solovar has constructed a beacon that will erase all knowledge, from the minds of the human race, regarding Gorilla City, King Solovar, and his advanced society of intelligent apes. Only the Flash will be allowed to retain his knowledge of Gorilla City. Dawson wanders outside the Gorilla City limits, into the jungle.

    By the time King Solovar orders Dawson detained, he has escaped. Dawson resumes his true identity, that of the Super-Gorilla, Grodd. Back in New York, the Flash rescues a pair of plummeting window washers. A crowd begins to form around the abandoned Gorilla City embassy. No one has any recollection regarding the purpose of the empty facility. In the Arctic, Grood takes out KIng Solovar's sentries. Grodd makes an adjustment to King Solovar's beacon, so that it will also erase all knowledge of Grodd, not just from the minds of men, but apes, as well. The sentries can no longer recall the face of their attacker. The Flash had suspected an act of sabotage was imminent, but no longer recalls the threat. With all knowledge of his existence erased, Grodd now has the advantage of surprise over his foes.

    The Typhoon Is A Storm Of The Soul

    Firestorm, the Nuclear Man, subdues a gang of female thieves. Afterwards, Firestorm separates into his two component parts, Professor Martin Stein and Ronald Raymond. Stein informs Raymond that he will be at sea, for two months, on a research vessel. During that time, Raymond will not be able to summon Firestorm, as it would be impossible to explain Stein's sudden absence. Crestfallen, Raymond reluctantly agrees. Captain Hammer bullies Stein into signing off on the readiness of the "Manta", an experimental bathysphere.

    Drake, the bathysphere's pilot, voices concerns over a storm forming on the horizon. Hammer bullies Drake into taking the bathysphere down. Back in New York, Raymond, honoring his promise to Stein, is forced to ignore a priority alert from the Justice League of America. The storm overtakes Hammer's ship. Deciding that there's no time to bring the "Manta" back on board, Hammer opts to cut it loose. With Drake's life in jeopardy, Stein triggers the transformation into Firestorm.

    Note: This issue contains already prepared material that was a result of the DC Implosion from the series Firestorm.


    • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad "Aquaman and the Space Capsule"



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