The Flash #277

    The Flash » The Flash #277 - The Self-Destruct Flash released by DC Comics on September 1979.

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    A drugged Flash takes on the Justice League.

    The Flash has gone insane. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern close in on the Flash from all sides. The Flash easily avoids their attack, then races in super-speed circles around them. The centrifugal force the Flash generates begins to draw the air from Batman and the Green Lantern's lungs. To make matters worse, they, along with Wonder Woman, are being crushed against Superman's invulnerable body. Superman finally lays the Flash out. Green Lantern uses his power ring to bind the Flash, with Wonder Woman using her magic lasso to tie up the Flash's feet.

    Even restrained, the Flash still manages to drill his way through the floor, though he passes out from the effort. Conducting a medical scan, Superman and the Green Lantern discover a huge amount of angle dust in the Flash's system. The two heroes go to work, cleaning the Flash's system out. The next morning, Superman, as reporter Clark Kent, and Green Lantern, as ex-test pilot, Hal Jordan, get the Flash, as police forensic scientist, Barry Allen, ready to attend his wife's funeral.

    In attendance at the funeral are Batman, as billionaire philanthropist, Bruce Wayne, Wonder Woman, in her civilian guise of Diana Prince, Ralph and Sue Dibny, police chief Harvey Paulson, Detective Frank Curtis, Dexter Myles, the curator of the Flash Museum, Jordan's girlfriend, Carol Ferris, Allen's parents, Professor Ira West, and Wally West. After the ceremony, Allen introduces Curtis to Wayne, Kent and Prince. Allen opts to walk home, to be alone with his thoughts. Scheduled to appear at the Flash Museum, Allen contacts the media to set up a press conference.

    Speculation that the Flash is about to retire runs rampant. En route to the Flash Museum, the Flash runs headlong into an armored car robbery, being perpetrated by the Mirror Master. Using a solar laser, the Mirror Master keeps the Flash at bay. Windmilling his arms at super-human speed, the Flash propels hundreds of chocolate bars into the whirling blades of the Mirror Master's hovercraft. The Mirror Master comes crashing down into the street, where he is taken into custody by the authorities. Resuming his civilian identity, the Flash casts his uniform ring aside.

    The Flash, as Allen, addresses the crowds outside the Flash Museum. Allen tries to reveal his secret identity, and declare his intention to retire, but his voice is drowned out by the unruly crowd, clamoring for the Flash. Allen bolts off stage. Before he can depart, he is stopped by Melanie, an obsessed Flash fan possessing psychic powers. Having retrieved Allen's discarded uniform ring, Melanie returns it to him. While understanding of the personal tragedies motivating Allen's decision, Melanie stresses his responsibility, as the Flash, to Central City. Allen dons his Flash costume. Returning to the stage, the Flash assures the citizens of Central City that he isn't going anywhere.


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