The Flash #276

    The Flash » The Flash #276 - Freakout! released by DC Comics on August 1, 1979.

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    At a masquerade party, police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, was injected with a lethal dose of angel dust, and has collapsed. His wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West, was attacked by deranged murderer, Clive Yorkin. Allen, barely conscious, staggers to his feet, to go after Yorkin. Allen jumps/falls out of a window, landing hard in the shrubbery below. By the time Detective Frank Curtis makes it outside, Allen is gone. As the Flash, Allen confronts Yorkin. The Flash mercilessly batters Yorkin's face in, until the flesh begins to melt like hot wax.

    Allen wakes up, strapped down to a hospital bed. His battle with Yorkin nothing more than a drug fueled delusion. Vibrating his molecules into intangibility, Allen escapes his restraints. In a drug-fueled rage, Allen struggles against two orderlies. While forcibly restrained by the orderlies, Allen is given a powerful sedative by a nurse. While sedated, Allen's dreams play out the last several hours of his life. Five days later, Allen is ready for release from the hospital. Curtis arrives to pick Allen up, giving Allen the sad news that West has died.

    Allen refuses to believe Curtis, until he is taken to the morgue, to see her body. Visibly shaken, Allen breaks down. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern convene a Justice League of America meeting, at their satellite headquarters. The four heroes agree to grant the Flash a formal leave of absence, to cope with the recent tragedy in his life. To their surprise, the Flash joins them. The Flash ask Superman to bring West back to life. Superman has no means of fulfilling the Flash's request. The Flash asks Wonder Woman to bring West Back to life.

    Wonder Woman has no means of fulfilling the Flash's request. The Flash asks the Green Lantern to bring West back to life. The Green Lantern has no means of fulfilling the Flash's request. At the Green Lantern's refusal, the Flash grows violent, lashing out in a drug-fueled rage. The Flash's initial rampage takes out the satellite's gyroscopic control system, forcing Superman to manually stabilize the satellite. Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Green Lantern attempt to restrain the Flash, to no avail. Superman rejoins the team, as they close in on the Flash from all side


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