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The Fastest Man Alive can't outrun the death of the most important person in his life!

The Flash is under the uncontrollable compulsion to run to a mysterious, psychic teenager, named Melanie. Meanwhile, deranged murderer, Clive Yorkin, stands outside the bedroom window of the Flash's wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West. Spying a wedding portrait on the nightstand, Yorkin confirms that he has found the home of his hated enemy, police forensics scientist, Barry Allen. Fearing her husband is having an affair, West planted a homing device in his ring, and heads out to confront him. The Flash arrives at Melanie's motel room. After ogling the Flash's body, Melanie uses her psychic powers to force the Flash to unmask.

Upon seeing the Flash's face, Melanie is crushingly disappointed, Deeming his features to be "ordinary", Melanie storms out, leaving behind an incredibly baffled Flash. West arrives, as Melanie departs. West enters Melanie's motel room, and seemingly confirms her worst fears...her husband is having an affair. West storms out in tears. In her emotional state, she narrowly avoids a collision with one car, only to slam into a fuel truck. The Flash rescues West, as well as the driver of the truck, before it explodes. The Flash explains himself to West, revealing that there's nothing going on between himself and Melanie.

From his pained expression upon telling West that Melanie called him "ordinary", West believes his sincerity. Back at home, the Flash and West decide that it's time for them to start a family. Unbeknownst to the happy couple, they are being observed by Yorkin, who is still lurking outside their bedroom window, Yorkin sees the Flash unmask, revealing him to be his enemy, Allen. A hit is ordered on Allen, to be carried out at a philanthropist's masquerade party. Detective Frank Curtis arrives at the Allen household, dressed as the Flash, for the masquerade. Curtis, Allen and West all leave together. Unbeknownst to them, Yorkin is in the trunk of their car.

Allen is called away from the dance floor, to take a phone call from the Chief of Detectives, Harvey Paulson. Stepping out on a balcony to smoke a cigarette, Curtis is attacked by Yorkin. Yorkin tears the Flash mask from Curtis' face. Upon seeing that this Flash is not Allen, Yorkin throws Curtis over the balcony. While getting a glass of punch, Allen is accosted by another party-goer, dressed as the Golden Age Sandman, who presses the barrel of his gun into Allen's shoulder. When Allen returns to the dance floor, he sees West dancing with a man dressed as the Green Lantern. Witnessing the man kiss his wife, Allen angrily confronts him, only to discover that he truly is his old friend, the real Green Lantern.

After congratulating them on their plans to start a family, the Green Lantern departs. Allen and West decide to explore the rest of the mansion. Allen is suddenly stricken with a wave of dizziness, as his heart starts racing. West goes to fetch Allen a glass of water. Allen hears a commotion, followed by West's screams. Allen staggers into the room, to find Yorkin standing over his wife's body. Yorkin flees. Allen attempts to revive West. Failing that, he lifts her up, with intentions of getting her to a hospital. Allen collapses. Curtis rushes into the room. A party-goer, dressed as Batman, tells Curtis that there's still time to get Allen to the hospital, but West is dead.


  • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Superman "Meets the Orbitrons!"

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